Science Explains The Correlation Of A Person's Birth Month And Personality

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald April 20, 05:43 am

There are several factors that can affect a baby's growth inside the mother's womb. According to researchers, a child's birth season can significantly influence his/her personality.

Astrology is often tagged as a hoax by scientists. It is often believed that a person's birth date does not affect his/her personality. Science, however, is claiming that an individual's birth month can potentially influence his/her mental health and overall growth.

A baby's development can be easily influenced by both internal and external factors. Maternal nutrition is highly important as it directly affects the developing fetus. Aside from the mother's wellness, the external factors affecting the mother's condition can potentially impact the child too. The weather, the environment, and the season play a vital role in terms of influencing the baby's personality, as reported by TIME.

If a mother's pregnancy would fall in winter, the baby might adapt the mother's Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is often caused by low serotonin levels, according to Medical Daily. A 2010 study explains the correlation of a child's birth month and his/her personality. Factors such as the winter light and summer light are considered stimulants that can build a person's personality.

The researchers explain that babies born in spring are born with a positive mood and a happy disposition. Babies born in March, April and May score high on the hyperthermia scale that makes them less likely to suffer from depression.

Babies who are born during the summertime (June, July and August) are said to have no traces of the seasonal affective disorder. The babies may be free from SAD but the mother is still prone to develop since they went through gestation during November and December.

Babies born during fall, on the other hand, can enjoy the perks of low levels of depression. People born in fall are also less likely to develop bipolar disorder, however, they do easily gets irritated. And lastly, babies born during winter are prone to develop mental disorders such as SAD, depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

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