Researchers Discover A Surprising Cause Of Premature Birth Every Women Should Take Note Of

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald November 11, 01:42 pm

Health care experts announced another medical breakthrough after it was announced that they have found one of the possible causes of premature birth. It was mentioned that premature birth is potentially caused by calcium build up in the mother's body, which is similar to kidney stones and clogged arteries.

A new study emerged wherein health care experts explained the possible reason of premature birth among women. Health mentioned that a group of researchers did a small study where it was mentioned that calcium build-up during pregnancy couple possibly is one of the reasons of premature birth.

The research that was conducted in Ohio involved 100 women whom waters broke earlier than their due date. The study then found that the abnormal calcium deposits found on the women's body had a significant impact on their body's ammonic sac, making it weak as it easily breaks.

"We do see calcium deposits in full-term births as well, which is probably part of the normal breakdown of the membranes at the appropriate time," Dr. Irina Buhimschi, senior author of the study mentioned in the press release "The membranes are supposed to rupture when labor is underway. However, these calcium deposits are too many and too early."

It was then explained that the small study still needs further research. Dr. Edward McCabe, the chief medical officer from the March of dimes then stated that the study sparked interest within the medical field as it paves the way to a possible medical breakthrough

"To have a new potential mechanism for one significant form of preterm birth is quite exciting," Dr. Edward McCabe , who is not part of the study said, as reported by Fox News.

Premature childbirth leads to numerous complications, which can highly affect the child's development. There are countless factors as to what could possible cause it but aside from calcium build up, stress, unhealthy pregnancy lifestyle and pre-existing medical conditions can also affect the mother's childbirth.

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