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A person's birth month is correlated to his personality.

Moms  20 April '17

Science Explains The Correlation Of A Person's Birth Month And Personality

Researchers proved that there is, in fact, a correlation between a person's birth month and personality.

Amazing Science Experiments...

School  30 December '16

Children And Science: Should Parents Encourage Their Kids To Engage in Scientific Thinking?

Science helps children to think about things before they actually happen, and while we will all develop this skill to some extent, practicing this internal hypothesis process from an early age gives children a great advantage. Life is all about making more good decisions than bad decisions and having a solid framework of thought experiments offers a great advantage in life.

John Hunter confirmed in 1786 that he was

Health/Nutrition  27 December '16

John Hunter's Two-Century-Old Diagnosis Confirmed By Doctors?

John Hunter had diagnosed a patient in 1786 with a tumor as hard as bone. Royal Marsden Hospital doctors analyzed the centuries-old data, confirming the diagnosis.

Prostate Cancer - Optic Lasers Drug Kill Cancer Leaves Healthy Prostate

Health/Nutrition  21 December '16

Prostate Cancer Can Now Be Cured By Using Laser Cure Technology

Surgeons have described a new treatment for early stage prostate cancer as truly transformative.

Brain activity can detect the culpability of a criminal (Jorge Raga)

Behavior  19 December '16

Brain Science Can Also Track Potential Criminals In Their Early Age

Scientists are able to use brain tests on three-year-olds to determine which children are more likely to grow up to become criminals.

Math A Concern For US Teens; Science, Reading Flat On Test

School  8 December '16

Match, Science And Reading: American Students Are Under Performing Behind Peers From Asian Nations

The latest global snapshot of student performance shows declining math scores in the U.S. and stagnant performance in science and reading.

Space Shuttle Discovery Arrives In DC Area, To Be Permanently Housed At Smithsonian

Music.Art.STEM  2 December '16

Singapore Students Are Most STEM-Savvy In The World: What Does America Need To Improve On?

All over the world, students in Singapore are the best in both math and science in each tested grade level. How do they do it?

New York City Celebrates Veterans Day With Annual Parade

Family Life  30 November '16

Parenting: Is Child-Rearing An Art Or A Science?

Parenting is not easy but let's just admit to it's difficulties and embrace them.

Supernatural Rare Moon: Largest And Closest To Earth ‘Supermoon’ Since 1948

Dads  12 November '16

Supernatural Rare Moon: 'Supermoon' Largest And Closest To Earth Since 1948; How Will This Affect Us?

The "Supermoon" will be counted as the closest and biggest moon since 1940 and the record will remain until 2034. Check out the details.

Internet Market Considers MIcrosoft Bid for Yahoo

Technology  15 October '16

Google Secures Patent For Smart Contact Lenses Designed For Diabetics

A new Google patent for smart contact lenses designed to help diabetics has beens secured. Read more.

SpaceX: The Privately Funded Aerospace Company Founded By Elon Musk

Science  17 September '16

SpaceX Is Back To Taking Flights On November And Their MCT Is In Need Of A New Name

SpaceX is back in business after Falcon 9 rocket was caught on fire.

NZ Prepares For Release Of Budget

School Age  9 September '16

Parenting Tips: New Study Says Making Emotional Investments Leads To Effective Parenting

There are two words that could change the way you raise your kids: emotional investment.

Children's Phila Hosts Event To Fund Cure For Sickle Cell Disease

Health/Nutrition  8 August '16

Study Says African-Americans With Sickle Cell Trait Are Not More Likely To Die

A new research discovered that there is no elevated risk of death among African-Americans with sickle cell trait as was previously found by two earlier studies.

Winter Blues Beckon As Daylight Hours Foreshorten

Health/Nutrition  5 August '16

What Causes Depression? A New Study May Have Found The Answer In Human Genome

A new research studied nearly 460,000 subjects and; among the depressive participants, they found fifteen irregularities located in parts of the genome that control the workings of the brain.

Myanmar's Money Counters Hard At Work

School  21 July '16

Gender Wage Gap: Why Women Just Can't Choose Higher-Paying Jobs And Narrow The Difference

If women chose higher-paying jobs, it still won't solve the gender wage gap because even in higher-paying industries, men still earn more than women.

The Duke Of Cambridge Visits The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

News  13 July '16

Gender Wage Gap: Salary Of Female Doctors Is $20,000 Less Than Male Doctors

A new study found out that female doctors earn $20,000 less than male doctors; and in the academe, those who teach full-time at medical school, earn only as much as male associate professors.

Scientists Continue Stem Cell Research While Courts Debate Ban

Body  1 July '16

Hundreds Of Clinics Are Deceiving Patients With 'Unproven' Stem Cell Therapies, Study Says

A study found out that 570 U.S. clinics are marketing and offering stem cell therapies that are not backed up by scientific research.

Baby Allosaurus Skeleton Forms Centrepiece Of Auction Preview

Science  27 June '16

Latest in Science: Study Reveals Hairs, Feathers And Scales Of Animals Share A Common Ancestor

A new Geneva study found a common link among hairs, feathers and scales of mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Bulging stars determines a planet’s seasons

Science  19 June '16

Science News Alert! Why These Stars Affect A Planet’s Seasons

Spring and autumn could be a lot hotter than summer for planets with tilted orbits.

AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open - Previews

Travel  16 June '16

8 Caribbean Snorkeling Spots For The Family This Summer

Here are eight snorkeling destinations in the Caribbean that you can take your family to, including your kids who will get their first glimpse of marine biodiversity.

Cat Cafes Attract People In Tokyo

Science  16 June '16

Believe It Or Not, Study Shows That Cats Can Understand Physics

A new Japanese research suggests that cats have an understanding of the laws of physics and can apply the cause and effect logic.

Prime Minister David Cameron Announces Free Schools Pledge

School  15 June '16

Teens are Interested in Science, Not in Science Classes, Study Finds

A recent study has found out that teens enjoy the subject of science, but do not necessarily like how it is taught in schools.

Greenland: A Laboratory For The Symptoms Of Global Warming

Science  13 June '16

Is Arctic Amplification Causing Ice To Melt In Greenland? A New Study Investigates

A new study investigates on the probable causes of the ongoing melting of ice in Greenland, the world's largest ice sheet. The answer does not go far from global warming.

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