Prostate Cancer Can Now Be Cured By Using Laser Cure Technology

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald December 21, 06:53 pm

A new treatment that has been discovered to treat prostate cancer is really life-changing, as surgeons have suggested. Bacteria found from the deep sea are also used to create drugs. These drugs can be used to treat prostate cancer without any negative side effects.

The treatment was tested on 413 people and half of the group had no trace of cancer left. Deep rooted feebleness and incontinence are regularly the cost of treating prostate growth with surgery or radiotherapy.

Up to 9 to 10 patients generate erectile issues and up to a fifth battle to direct their bladders. This is also the main reason why people wait and watch till cancer grows antagonistically. The drugs are made from a special kind of bacteria that is found in the deep sea and becomes harmful when it comes to light.

Ten lasers are entered into the anus and testes and then into the prostate gland. When the drug is injected through the lasers, it kills the cancer cells. It has an effect on excretion and sexual activities, but those disturbances do not last more than three months.

Mr. Gerald Capon, who is now 68, tells BBC News that he's glad that he volunteered for the trial as now he believes he won't have to deal with the disease again in his life. 46,000 people are diagnosed with prostate cancer. It grows leisurely and gradually, 11,000 people die from the same disease.

New treatments are not yet available, as Web MD explains. Apart from this, there is another technique to heal cancer, this is known as focal Hifu and it doesn't have any chances of negative side effects as well.
The next challenge is to know if it will work with every stage of prostate cancer or new remedies have to be found.


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