Pregnancy Tips: FDA Revises the Prescription for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald August 10, 09:32 am

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are being placed in grave danger when they'd take inappropriate medication as it can negatively impact their health. FDA trashed the old labeling system and replaced it with a new one which aims its focus on lactating and pregnant mothers.

Taking medication during pregnancy involves several health risks as there are some prescriptions that may affect the growing fetus. Prescription restrictions may seem to end by the time the mother has given birth, but there are medications that can affect the lactating mother as well. To make things easier for pregnant and lactating mothers, FDA scrapped the old five letter system, as they had it revised.

The latest revision will benefit pregnant and breastfeeding mothers according to Parenting. The new information produced by the FDA will also cover the prescription medication's information including the fertility effects of the drug towards men and women that would take it.

The prescription details will also include the effects of the medication on the breast milk secretion, how much milk will be present in the breast milk and the possible effects of the drug towards the unborn fetus and the lactating child.

The Drugs website explained the rationale as to why the FDA revised their guidelines. It was mentioned that part of the change involved the consideration that a pregnant mother is exposed to possible side effects that can have a huge impact on the child. Lactating mothers may also place their breastfeeding child in danger if they would ingest a prescription medication without knowledge of the possible side effects.

The labeling is expected to occur soon, but it was mentioned that it will not be applicable to over the counter medications. The labeling will only serve as a guideline, thus pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should consult their physicians as to what specific prescription they should take.

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