Women Promotes Pro-Voice In Discussing Abortion

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald April 18, 08:24 pm

Boston-area pastor Rev. Susan Chorley opened up about her abortion in the church, shocking the members of the congregation. Thousands of women in the United States remained mum when it comes to discussing their abortion with the fear of being judged. But Chorley's gesture to open up about her procedure paved way for women to speak and stand up for their abortion experience as well.

Rev. Chorley opened up about the struggle she faced after having her abortion. Aside from the pain she felt after the procedure, she also went through a battle with her mental health. With the fear of being scrutinized upon sharing her abortion, Chorley suffered in silence for a long period of time until she regained the strength to speak up and share her experience with other women, as reported by CNN.

Chorley and other women who opened up about their struggles with depression came up with a group wherein they adapt the "pro-voice" philosophy. Exhale catered women who wished to discuss their abortion stories without being judged.

"We try to put people in boxes, and it hasn't gotten us anywhere. It's just caused this huge divide," Chorley said. Whether we like it or not, "abortion is happening among us, and it's time we looked at it and talked about it."

Abortion is a sensitive topic, as some even refer to is as taboo. Earlier this year, President Donald Trump reinstates the abortion gag rule as women's rights.

Trump's gesture to ban U.S. funded groups that discussed abortion caused a backlash among women worldwide. Former President Barack Obama lifted the rule when he took office in 2009.

The gag rule has been linked to abortion-related deaths and health complications as unsafe abortion continually increased before it was lifted, according to ABC. With the current changed in the administration, advocates fear that woman would be going through unsafe procedures to eliminate their pregnancy.

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