Experts Suggest Madeleine McCann Was Abducted And Sold Following 2007 Disappearance

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald April 24, 07:12 pm

Madeleine McCann disappeared from her bed during a vacation with her parents on the evening of May 3, 2007. Years after she disappeared, new evidence emerged stating that she was snatched and smuggled after witnesses claimed that they saw an identical looking girl in Morocco.

Madeleine McCann's disappearance 10 years ago became a huge mystery as some claimed that she's already dead. There were those who suggested that the girl was actually kidnapped and sold. Forensics experts claimed that her body is impossible to find, if she was in fact, killed, as the people responsible for her death can easily hide her body due to their isolated location.

“It might be solved if Madeleine’s body is found and there is evidence either on the body or in the location where the body is found that would point to somebody but otherwise," Professor Dave Barclay told Sunday Night Live during an interview, according to News AU. "I don’t think it will ever be solved. There is just no physical evidence whatsoever that we can use at this time, even to eliminate some of the theories.”

Contrary to the reports that Madeleine's already dead, there are those who are optimistic that the girl was just kidnapped and is still alive. McCann might have been kidnapped and sold to a well-off family, as reported by Daily Mail. Madeleine was abducted in Pria da Luz, Portugal, which is near Morocco, a place where she was sighted, according to witnesses.

McCann was spotted three times since her disappearance. People that saw her shared similar details, where it was mentioned that she wanted to see her mom already.

Child abduction cases continually increase over the years. More than 2000 children are reported missing each day, as cited by Child Rescue Network. Eighty-Two percent of the abduction is usually done by a family member, according to the statistics.

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