Authorities Warn Parents About The 'Blue Whale' Suicide Game Trend On Social Media

The authorities recently raised an alarm as the "Blue Whale" social media game prompts players to commit suicide. Reports said that each game participant has their oven game master, who would ask them to go through a series of tasks including self-harm, and eventually suicide.

The "Blue Whale" social media game is responsible for more than 100 deaths in Russia. It is a big hit as it gives the players a designated leader, wherein they would have to follow and complete 50 challenges. On the last day of the game, players are then asked to kill themselves to complete the entire challenge, as reported by Daily Mail.

"We have discovered a game through the police that we feel you should be aware of," David Wright wrote as mentioned by Essex Live. "As you already know from my previous letters, we have a duty of care for our pupils and are striving to do all we can to ensure that you are given the latest information to help safeguard our young people. It is called The Blue Whale Game and is played via many social media platforms. Players are given a master who controls them for 50 days and each day they are given a task to complete."

The popular social media game, which spread across Russia, eventually expands as it goes global. In fact, the "Blue Whale" game that is popular among Russian gamers has reached Brazil, wherein the game is called Baleia Azul.

The players should complete challenges including cutting their selves and carve the blue whale symbol on their body parts using a blade, wake up at dawn and contemplate about death. If the player would have second thoughts they are given death threats, according to Bloomberg.

Investigators are still on the lookout out for the culprits, thus they asked parents to help them monitor the children's social media activities. There are no updates in regards to the suspect of the game yet.

As a parent, what do you think about the "Blue Whale" game? Do you have any safety precautions when it comes to you child's online activities? Share it with us through the comment section below.

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