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Police warns parents of the

Parenting  27 April '17

Authorities Warn Parents About The 'Blue Whale' Suicide Game Trend On Social Media

Authorities raise the alarm as more than 100 suicide cases in the Russia was caused by a social media game.

Zika Virus has long term consequences for the US

Pregnancy  18 December '16

Study Bares Zika Birth Defects

The Zika virus can pose danger to the United States as its reproductive process does not stop at birth but continues even after that and can lead to brain damage.

US Population Nears 300 Million Mark

Growing Baby  7 December '16

Visualization Of Fetuses’ Internal Organs Now Possible Through Virtual Reality 3D Models; Abnormalities Detected Early

Virtual reality 3D models from MRI scans can visualize fetuses' internal organs and assess whether they have issues or abnormalities. How do 3D visualizations compare with 3D-printed models?

Brazil Continues Battle Against Zika Virus Ahead Of Olympic Games

Health  13 October '16

Zika Babies Turning 1 Require Feeding Tubes Due To Swallowing Difficulties; Arm & Leg Deformities Seen, Too

Zika babies have epileptic seizures, vision and hearing problems, and swallowing difficulties that require them to use feeding tubes. Some infants also have arm and leg deformities.

Brazil Continues Battle Against Zika Virus Ahead Of Olympic Games

Health  4 October '16

Zika Virus Damage To Babies Go Beyond Microcephaly: Seizure-Like Activity, Painful Reflux, More Neurological Impairments Detected

Microcephaly is the most obvious indicator of Zika damage. The impairments, however, also include seizure-like activity, painful reflux and neurological impairments in a baby's motor skills, memory, language and social skills, among others.

UFC Fight Night: Barnett v Nelson

Sports  26 September '16

MMA UFC News: Roy Nelson Kicks Referee After Knockout Win

UFC heavyweight, Roy Nelson, kicks referee, Big John McCarthy, after his knockout win at UFC 95.

Ordination Of Six New Rabbis In Berlin

Behavior  15 September '16

Parenting Facts: Study Shows Children Feels Unimportant When Their Parents Are Glued To Their Mobile Devices

Studies reveal that children feels neglected when their parents are glued to their phones.

Brazil Continues Battle Against Zika Virus Ahead Of Olympic Games

Health  31 August '16

Zika Virus Infection Can Also Cause Hearing Loss In Babies Aside From Microcephaly & Eye Problems

Aside from microcephaly and hearing loss, babies infected with the Zika virus can also have eye defects and impaired growth. The Zika outbreak has already reached Florida in the United States, and in numerous countries and territories in the Americas.

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Medicine  29 August '16

Canada’s New Device Against Zika Virus Is Capable Of Killing Huge Mosquito Populations In 21 Days

Canada has developed a new device touted to help the global fight against Zika virus. The device is capable of drastically destroying mosquito populations in just 21 days.

Brazil v Germany - Final: Men's Football - Olympics: Day 15

Sports  22 August '16

Olympics News: Brazil Men’s Football Team Take Home Gold

Brazil takes home the gold meda for men's football in the 2016 Rio Olympics, in a closely contested match against a relentrless German team

Ryan Lochte

Sports  22 August '16

Ryan Lochte Rio Robbing Incident: Olympian Says He Over-Exaggerated, Had Immature Behavior; Is Taking Full Responsibility Over Incident

Ryan Lochte made the headlines last week due to his version of being robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro and now he says that he over-exaggerated the events.

Aly Raisman Celebrates Mother's Day With PANDORA

Sports  19 August '16

GoFundMe Campaign For Aly Raisman’s Parents: Fan Wants $500 Spa Day For Couple After Nerve-Wracking Olympics Experience

Aly Raisman's parents gained internet fame after they were filmed in the audience as the 22-year-old did her routines almost flawlessly. Fear and distress were evident in both Rick and Lynn's faces as they squirmed uneasily in the stands.

Brazil vs Honduras - Semi Final: Men's Football - Olympics: Day 12

Sports  18 August '16

Football News: Team Brazil Storms To Olympic Finals Against Germany

Team Brazil continues their quest to their first ever Olympic gold medal. They face their rival team, Germany, in the finals.

The Official Logo of the Olympic Games for editorial use only.

School  17 August '16

Education Minister Of Portugal, Victim Of Robbery At The Olympics Along WIth Other Participants in The Games

Looks like the Olympics venue was not that safe. Learn more about the story here.

Ryan Lochte

Sports  15 August '16

Olympics 2016 News: Ryan Lochte, Fellow U.S. Swimmers Robbed At Gunpoint In Rio; Are Safe, Unharmed

Ryan Lochte and his fellow U.S. swimmers were robbed at gunpoint in Rio.

Minnesota Timberwolves v Los Angeles Lakers

Sports  14 August '16

NBA Trade Rumors: Ricky Rubio As Timberwolves Trading Piece For Kings’ Rudy Gay? Sixers Also Interested?

Timberwolves' new head coach and president Tom Thibodeau is likely on the lookout for significant changes that would improve the team's lineup. This could mean trading Ricky Rubio for other players.

Gymnastics - Artistic - Olympics: Day 6

Sports  12 August '16

Simone Biles’ Rio Olympic Games 2016 Victory: How Homeschooling Propelled Teen To Remarkable Success

Biles' victory in Rio puts her ahead of teammate and silver medalist Aly Raisman by a margin of 2.1. Biles' recent success puts her as the most decorated gymnast in history, making the U.S. the first country to have four consecutive all-around Olympic winners in gymnastics.

Swimming - Olympics: Day 5

Sports  11 August '16

Rio Olympics 2016: Why are Pools at the 2016 Olympic Games Turning Green?

There have now been two separate incidents of pools used in the Olympic games having green discoloration.

Swimming - Olympics: Day 2

News  10 August '16

Olympic Swimmer Dana Vollmer Opens Up About Pregnancy & Motherhood: How Conception Made Her ‘Miserable’

Dana Vollmer recounted her pregnancy as something that was "way different" than what she expected it to be. She shared how she had to take seven and a half weeks of "miserable" bed rest.

Mormons Protests Church's New Ruling Against Children Of Same-Sex Couples

Sports  10 August '16

LGBT Making History In Rio Olympics 2016: First Married Gay Couple Play Hockey Together, Women's Rugby Player Gets Proposal From Girlfriend

In this year's Olympic games, LGBT couples are making a mark for celebrating love and showing everyone that love wins all the time. The first same sex married couple is part of England's hockey team and a Brazilian rugby player got proposed to by her girlfriend at the stadium.

Gymnastics - Artistic - Olympics: Day 2

Sports  8 August '16

Rio Olympics 2016: Changing Expectations On Female Gymnasts By Putting Tiny Teenagers In The Forefront

New gymnasts are seen as young, strong, and fast, with the 20-year-old Gabby Douglas immediately coming to mind with these descriptions. New power gymnasts are younger and have bodies that exhibit their strength to their very core.

Shooting - Olympics: Day 1

Sports  8 August '16

Rio Olympics 2016: American Teen Virginia Thrasher Wins Gold, Beats China At Women’s Air Rifle Event

Virginia Thrasher's performance at the final round was impressive, opening with a 10.5 with a 0.7-point lead. Du Li matched that score, but only got a 10.1 on her final shot while Thrasher scored a 10.4.

Artistic Gymnastics World Championships Tokyo 2011 - Day 2

Sports  5 August '16

Rio Olympics 2016: 41-Year-Old Gymnast & Mother Oksana Chusovitina Makes History At Her 7th Games

Oksana Chusovitina, who hails from Uzbekistan, first competed at the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992. The 41-year-old gymnast is the oldest Olympic female gymnast in history and is among the few females to return to the Games after becoming a mother.

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