Anorexic Teen Commits Suicide, Leaves Note That Her Anorexia Won

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald May 06, 04:00 am

A 15-year-old teen killed herself after she admitted that anorexia won over her in December 2015. Pippa McManus died at Gatley railway station in Stockport after she ran out of her house due to an explosive fight with her parents, involving her excessive weight loss regime.

Marie and James McManus opened up about their daughter's deadly mental health condition, which led to suicide. Their daughter, Pippa, suffered from anorexia nervosa where she was eventually sent to the private Priory clinic, as reported by Daily Mail.

Pippa stayed in the hospital for treatment but was eventually released after a year. Despite her suicide risks, the hospital still approved the teen's discharge, thus her parents opened up about the lack of guidance and treatment from the facilities.

"We believe the failings in our daughter’s care from beginning to end resulted in her death," Pippa's mother stated. "Effective treatment is needed quickly, and if this had been available to our beautiful daughter maybe she would still be alive today. Maybe we would not have needed this inquest."

Prior to her discharge in February 2015, staff from the hospital found seven goodbye letters intended for her parents, siblings, her friends and even her pet, which prompted her return. Her note explained how her anorexia won, and how it made her feel incredibly tired. The teen also explained that she longed to have a normal life, but she could not seem to have one.

"I want to grow up and have a life, but I don’t have one," Pippa wrote. "I cannot fight anorexia any more than I have done. I have tried so very hard, but it has won me."

Anorexia and other eating disorders including bulimia, and binge eating are often taken lightly. WebMD explains the cause and effect of these conditions and the possible treatment. Mental health care providers have been working their way in having eating disorders addressed and avoided.

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