Demi Lovato News and Updates: Singer Opens Up About Her Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald June 27, 06:27 am

Demi Lovato graced the cover of American Airlines' in flight magazine, American Way. As she looked flawless and radiant on the magazine cover, Demi Lovato openly shared how she got to where she is now, sharing the details of her drug addiction and mental health disorders.

The singer actress had her fair share of struggles as she mentioned that she lived life in the fast lane. According to E! Demi Lovato shared that she got hooked on drugs and even opted to self-harm. Despite living the life of the rich and the famous, Demi Lovato was caught in a mental health struggle as she was not pleased with her body image, that made her lose too much weight, resulting to an eating disorder, anorexia.

During her interview with American Way, Demi Lovato shared her struggles. She opened up about being hooked on cocaine and alcohol.

"I lived fast and I was going to die young," Demi Lovato said. "I didn't think I would make it to 21. So now I'm in rehab, and I thought, 'Oh great, now the world thinks I'm just another stereotype.'  "I thought, 'I'm not in treatment for a drug and alcohol problem,' "But once I started eating again, the other issues got worse. It was like whack-a-mole."

At the age of 23, Demi Lovato was sent to rehab, where she sought help for her alcohol addition. As her health continued to deteriorate, she was also diagnosed with a bipolar disorder. Despite suffering from a mental health disorder, Demi Lovato shared that she tried self-medication, which caused her to binge on alcohol, OxyContin and cocaine.

Looking back to where she came from, Demi Lovato shared that she is now on her fourth year of staying sober. Young celebrities are often plagued with depression as they tend to live life in a way that people would watch their every move. Most of them were not able to enjoy their childhood as they were subjected to countless dos and don'ts thus they would end up being depressed.

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