Google Pixel Launch Updates: Things You Should Not Miss Out If You Have A Google Pixel!

By Ankita, Parent Herald October 19, 08:47 am

Two weeks ago, Google launched its Pixel and Pixel XL phones that have garnered impressive responses from the users. Google has managed to deliver a smooth Android experience backed up with its own operating system and hardware.

According to CNET, to get the most out of the phone, there are a few settings that users can change and obtain a more refined experience. By enabling the Wi-Fi Assistant feature, the user will automatically get connected to a Wi-Fi network when away from home or office. Also, the feature ensures one's data is safe by including a VPN service. The option is available under "Use open Wi-Fi automatically" switch of the settings menu.

Live wallpapers were always known to consume the phone's battery. However, Google in its new phone has revamped the wallpaper section by adding live wallpapers that slowly change throughout the day or show current cloud conditions based on the weather. Interestingly, this feature will not drain the battery of the phone. A long press on the home screen would present the user with the various choices for a wallpaper.

Another fascinating feature that has been added to the Google Pixel is that it can retain the high-resolution photos and videos without changing the overall quality. There is no extra amount that will be charged. This feature can be enabled by selecting 4K under "Back camera video resolution" in the settings menu.

Additionally, the user can use a fingerprint sensor as a shortcut to perform many functions. For example, to check the notifications shade, the user can place their finger on the fingerprint reader at the back of the phone. In order to quickly access the camera, the user can double tap the power button from any screen. The camera application will pop up.

With several customized options available, the user can set the Google Assistant to choose what information is required in the user's daily agenda, whom the user wants news from and also tailor the personal information.

Will these new features of Google be loved by the users?


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