Childhood Obesity And Diabetes Prevention: Understand The Dangers Of Soda And Sugar Consumption Among Kids

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald November 11, 11:32 am

Childhood obesity is continually increasing, along with it is the alarming number of children diagnosed with diabetes. Both childhood obesity and diabetes are both linked to sugary drinks, especially soda.

Soda increases the looming dangers of childhood obesity and diabetes, according to the researchers of European Society of Endocrinology. Most Americans would opt for soda as their go-to beverage and toddlers as young as two are bring given soda during meals.

In the study published in the EJE, it was mentioned that people who consume 200ml of soda each day are being placed at risk of diabetes. The average can of soda is 354 ml, and an average soda drinker drinks more than 2 cans of soda each day, placing them at high risk of not only obesity but also diabetes.

This study was focused on adults, which means that it can have a greater impact on children. Sugary drink does not only have high sugar content but some are also infused with caffeine, which can be harmful to a child's system.

Kid's Health mentioned that caffeine does not only cause difficulty in sleeping among children.In fact, it also affects their concentration, their nervous system and their blood pressure as it increases their heart rate.

Tucson then added that childhood obesity continually increase and the numbers are highly alarming. One of the factors being looked upon is the study that revealed that summer days are increasing the risk of obesity among children due to unhealthy habits that need to be addressed with the participation of the parents.

"Our findings raise questions for parents and policymakers about how to help children adopt healthy behaviors during the long summer vacation to stop unhealthy weight gain," Paul von Hippel, from the LBJ School of Public Affairs mentioned in the journal Obesity. " Our results also suggest that we cannot reverse the obesity epidemic if we focus only on what children are doing and eating while they are in school."

Childhood obesity does not only place the child at risk of diabetes but it also contributes to heart problems and their all health. Since soda and sugary sweets are considered as one of the largest contributing factors to childhood obesity, as a parent, what are your substitutes during snack time? Do share it with us through the comment section below.

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