‘The Magicians’ Season 2 Spoilers: Fillory Welcomes Its New Rulers?Someone Dies To Kill The Beast?Julia Becomes Something Supernatural?

By Minnow Blythe, Parent Herald November 12, 11:18 am

Syfy's hit series "The Magicians" has just released its first trailer for the second season. It's safe to say that not everything is what its seems. "The Magicians" television show has incorporated the same major plot points, settings, and ambiance of the books but has deviated from some plot lines. Now with the release of "The Magicians" season 2 trailer, let's decipher what could possibly happen in its next season.

In the trailer released by Syfy for "The Magicians", we see Quentin, Alice, Margo and Elliot has survived the incident with The Beast and are now in Fillory. But the magical realm of Fillory is hiding a dark secret and magic is dying. The group of friends is tasked to save magic all the while trying to escape the clutches of enemies, old and new.

With the second season of "The Magicians" arriving soon, we compare the events that happened in the first season to the events in the "The Magicians" books. Spoilers ahead for both "The Magicians" television show and books.

Now, breaking down the events in the first season of "The Magicians", we see that the story of Julia, which originally happens in the second book, "The Magician King", has moved up on the first season. The arc revolving Julia and The Fox was explored but the television show gave us the twist with Julia making a deal with The Beast which did not happen in the books.

What we can assume that what will happen on the second season of "The Magicians" is that through The Beast, Julia might meet the goddess that will make her a demigoddess as the story goes in the "The Magicians" trilogy books. Or The Beast could bring Julia to the far side of Fillory where she'll meet the dryads.

On the other hand, The Beast was not defeated as what is supposed to have happened in the first book, "The Magicians". If you see in the trailer released for "The Magicians" season 2, there is a scene involving Alice convulsing on the floor. In the context of the books, the scene with Alice means that Q and his friends will finally meet and fight The Beast. What will happen would be Alice sacrificing herself to defeat The Beast.

On the other hand, in the trailer for the second season of "The Magicians", Q and his friends are finally in Fillory. It means the story involving Quentin, Elliot, and Margo becoming rulers of Fillory will be explored. Hopefully, the plot involving Penny staying in the "Neitherlands" will also be shown in the second season of "The Magicians".

The second season of "The Magicians" will be back on TV this coming January 25 on Syfy. What do you think? Are you excited for the second season of "The Magicians"?

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