Sharp Memory In Alzheimer Patients Possible? New Research Directs Neuroscientists Toward Another Analysis Framework

By Joshua Williams, Parent Herald November 30, 01:02 pm

Memory is precious. Waking up, doing routine tasks daily, meeting and greeting, all of these things are possible because of one's ability to remember. Most if not all people fear oblivion.

Unfortunately, anything can go wrong with the human brain and people may not have the slightest idea. Alzheimer's disease is one of those mental conditions in which patient loses memory and subsequently forgets everything.

Apparently, a recent research has proved this is not entirely true. Yahoo shared a research that has shown that old people with signs of Alzheimer's disease could still have a memory as good as middle-aged people. Changiz Geula, a professor of cognitive neurology at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, led the research.

Geula stated that results have shown that the patients with Alzheimer's diseases somehow didn't show symptoms like memory problems. Geula added the only reason that could be assessed at the moment was the genetic or environmental factors behind the findings, he added.

The researchers of the study found out that the patients who had physical signs of Alzheimer's such as plaque and tangles, still had normal cells in the brain's memory-related area, the Hippocampus. Alzheimer's patients have lesser number of cells in Hippocampus.

Geula suggested that the nerve cell preservation could be a cause of super memory in those patients but the possibility of external factors involvement could not be neglected. Diets and exercises could also be factors that served as a prevention from Alzheimer's, although more studies are required to prove them, Geula expressed.

Live science originally published the findings and research conducted on Alzheimer's disease by Changiz Geula. The publication previously stated many facts about the brain functions.

Meanwhile, memory problems also gave some myths associated with them. But psychological and biological studies differ on mechanical and cellular levels.

So, do you think patients with Alzheimer's disease can still remain mentally sharp? Please feel free to comment below.  

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