Increasing Number of Children Under Foster Care Calls for the Need to More Foster Parents

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald November 30, 08:16 am

The world's birth rate is rocketing dramatically. But unfortunately, not all babies being born to have parents who could attend to their needs and able to give them support. That is why more and more babies and children are being transferred to foster homes thus also magnifying the need for more adoptive parents.

A survey conducted in Texas showed how fast the number of children under foster care continues to grow. An increase of about 2, 045 children was recorded from 2015's 28,888 children to 30,933 in 2016.

Though numbers of fostered and adopted children have grown in 2016 than last years, Lori Sutton-White, CPS Foster, and Adoptive Program Director, still said, "We still have over 6,000 children that are waiting in the state of Texas for adoption," as reported in KLTV.

With the given fact, the state is still calling for more parents who are willing to share their love with infants and children who are in need. "There's a wonderful world out there for you to find, just got to open your heart," said Gary Peden as his way to encourage parents to foster a child.

Newsok, an online news publication, posted some of the reasons why it is rewarding to become a foster parent is that. One of which is that by fostering, parents can help their adopted children from failing in life in the future. Having an unstable home and not owning a family of their own could only make these children see the world negatively. Showing love to them can create a huge difference. It can revert the pessimistic hearts.

Even characters like Batman and Superman also shared the importance of having an adoptive home in their character's development, as noted by Comic Verse. Their foster families helped these characters have that heart to become heroes and save the people and everyone they love from evil.

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