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Chicago College Students Hold Walk-Out And Rally To Protest Donald Trump

School  15 January '17

Donald Trump’s Presidency Ending The Dreams Of Many International Students?

Many international students could reportedly lose their dream because of the possibility of being denied from studying in the United States.

Els for Autism Pro-Am

Autism  13 January '17

Why Parents Are Building A $12M Autism Community At Denton County

Debra Caudy initiated a project that will serve a community of people with autism at Denton County.

Blood Pressure Could Predict Baby's Sex

Pregnancy  13 January '17

Higher Maternal Blood Pressure Before Pregnancy Will More Likely Deliver A Baby Boy — Study Finds

A study found that the higher the maternal blood pressure before pregnancy, the more likely it is to deliver a baby boy. Read on to know how possible it is.

Two children look on unimpressed

SPED Kids  12 January '17

Parenting A Child With OCD: How Parents Should Deal With Obsessive-Complusive Kids

Having a child with OCD is very challenging but there are some important tips that will help parents in dealing with obsessive-compulsive kids.

Special School Helps Teen Combat Childhood Obesity

Teens/Young Adults  12 January '17

Best Approach To Teen’s Health Without Focusing On Weight: Parents Should Get Involved!

Teens should stop focusing on their weight. But to solve this, parents have an important role, according to experts.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Enjoy Skiing Holiday

News  12 January '17

Kate Middleton Gets Candid On Being A Mom, Says 'Parenting Is Tough'

Duchess Kate may have all the expensive support in the world as a parent but she can still say that parenting is tough. She offered words of encouragement to some parents who went through difficulties at being a parent.

Multiple Injuries Caused By Drive-By Shooting In Chicago

Teens/Young Adults  5 January '17

Chicago Teenager Lethally Shot And Killed By Sheriff Deputy, Police Still Investigating The Incident

Teenager fatally shot by a sheriff deputy officer during an emergency call response on Sunday night near Villa Park Chicago.

Thousands Meet For 2nd Ecumenical Kirchentag

Pregnancy  5 January '17

Some Pregnant Women Do Not Get Enough Exercise — Study Says

A recent study showed how some pregnant women are still choosing not to get enough exercise. Experts encourage them to at least give it a try, especially the benefits it promises are all worth it.

Beach Life Across Europe And The Middle East

Travel  4 January '17

Top Summer Holidays For Babies And Toddlers In 2017

Don’t know where to go bring toddlers and babies this summer holidays? Try this updated list of Parent Herald's top summer holiday destinations for toddlers and babies in 2017.

Germany Debates Home Day Care Subsidy

Toddler  4 January '17

Hands-Off Parenting Approach Works Best In Disciplining Children Who Suck In Sharing

When children suck in sharing, parents should try hands-off parenting approach.

Healthy Pregnancy Tips From the CDC

Pregnancy  4 January '17

Health Pregnancy Alert: 3 Factors To Healthy Pregnancy Revealed!

Regular exercise, regular prenatal care and eating nutritious foods were linked to pregnancy and having a healthy baby. One doctor says these three are the real key to a successful pregnancy.

DNA Double Helix Turns Fifty

SPED Kids  4 January '17

Genetic Linkage Set Between Communication Skills, Schizophrenia And Autism

All people have features of autism, according to a team of researchers. Their study also reveals that genes influencing communication problems is linked to genes conferring with autism and schizophrenia.

Activists March On Capitol Hill To Urge Congress To Approve Funding For Opioid Crisis

Pregnancy  4 January '17

West Virginia Finds Way To Fight Opioid Addiction During Pregnancy

Find out how West Virginia tackles drug abuse during pregnancy.

How to use Positive Mantras and Affirmations to Ease Anxiety During Pregnancy

Pregnancy  4 January '17

Pregnancy Panics: Experts Share Ways to Help Overcome Panic Attacks

Being pregnant is one of the best things a woman could have in her entire life. But due to the negativities and uncertainties of the future, pregnant women experience anxiety and depression, which could lead to panic attacks.

Mexico: The Power of Early Education - Rebel Education

School  4 January '17

Mexico Overtakes United States In Providing Early Childhood Education

Mexico, despite being poor, still comes ahead of the United States in giving preschool education. Though further improvements are needed, this country’s ECCE is thriving.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Reacts To U.S. Elections Results

School  4 January '17

Education Level Of Americans: A Key Factor During US Election?

The dividing line in the recent US presidential race falls on educational factors rather than on ideologies.

Challenge Shepparton

Family Life  3 January '17

‘Be Easy On Yourself’: The Biggest Parenting Advice For Millennial Parents

Parents should never pressure themselves to become a “perfect parent” but instead just be easy on themselves when parenting their children.

Parenting Teenagers Academy

Teens/Young Adults  3 January '17

One Mom Finding Sweet Spots In Parenting Teenagers? Secret To Successful Teen Parenting Revealed!

One mom shares she has found the sweet spots in parenting teenagers, which have helped her enjoy parenting teens. This mom proved parenting teenagers is not really difficult.

Hazardous Levels Of Lead Plague East Chicago Housing Complex

Toddler  2 January '17

Twin Toddlers Suffer Lead Poisoning After Exposure To Lead-Based Paint Of Rental House's Interior; Family Moving Out Soon?

Twins have been found out with lead levels after exposed to lead-based paint of the interior of their rental house. The mother despite of the toddlers’ condition wished to stay in the house as she couldn’t find a comparable house like their present house, however the landlord did not approve her wish.

Chicago School Officials Address Junk Food

Health/Nutrition  2 January '17

What Are Google’s Top-Searched Diet Plans For 2016 That One Should Never Try This New Year?

Google’s top-searched diets for 2016 are not healthy as one may think.

Personal Training & Parenting: Home workout with the kids!

Family Life  2 January '17

Can Parenting Be Just Like Personal Training? Chicago Mom Realizes Similarities

A mother of two compares parenting to the work of personal trainers.

Miami Police Erect DUI Checkpoints During Holiday Season

Toddler  2 January '17

2 Toddlers Saved In A Careless Driving Incident While Driver Got Arrested

Two toddlers were saved after they got involved in a careless driving incident. Pennsylvania police arrested the driver after he was shown positive of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Everything Wrong With Bank of America

School Age  23 December '16

Bank of America Offers Opportunities That Could Help Employers Have Both Financial and Personal Stability

Having a stable financial and family life at the same time is a struggle to every parent nowadays. The more they would want to spend more time to earn more money, the more their time spend for their family gets at stake.

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