Health Pregnancy Alert: 3 Factors To Healthy Pregnancy Revealed!

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald January 04, 08:19 pm

Exercise, healthy diet and regular prenatal care are the keys to a healthy baby and pregnancy, says Dr. Kamakshi Vemareddy. Without these three, one should expect problems with the baby after having a very complicated pregnancy.

The health of a pregnant woman is essential to the overall wellness of the baby she's carrying in her womb. Thus, health experts encourage all expectant women to secure a healthy living. Dr. Kamakshi Vemareddy, a certified gynecologist and obstetric, gave emphasis on the three aforementioned factors — exercise, healthy diet and regular prenatal care.

Pregnant women who do those things will have big benefits for their babies, as well as themselves. Actually, those women have lesser problems during pregnancy and have a higher chance to have a healthy baby. In addition, pregnant women should avoid alcohol and smoking or quit using illegal drugs.

Exercise is also important during pregnancy as some expectant moms even engage to yoga. In fact, Dr. Vemareddy said it promotes healthy weight gain during pregnancy and enhance overall general fitness.

Regular exercise can also strengthen the blood vessels and heart of pregnant women, as well as reduce fats after the baby is born. Most importantly, it lessens the risk of pregnant women to have preeclampsia, cesarean delivery and gestational diabetes.

Eating healthily during pregnancy is apparently the key for a baby to develop and grow. There is no need to get a special diet but changing the amounts of different foods eaten is required. Taking supplements is also one important thing to consider. 

It is important to have regular checkups and proper guidance from the OB about the best meal and snack plans. Such should also cover which protein, dairy, fruits, and vegetables are to be taken. 

"If you are healthy and your pregnancy is normal, it is safe to continue or start most types of exercise, but you may need to make a few changes," Dr. Vemareddy wrote in The Bristol Press. She added that regular exercise during pregnancy benefits the mother and child in easing constipation and lessening back pain.

Meanwhile, obesity in the United States during pregnancy is common and it increases obstetrical risks, the U.S. Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention has found. Obese and overweight women during pregnancy are at high risk of many complications while healthy pregnant women will less likely to have problems.

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