Parenting A Child With OCD: How Parents Should Deal With Obsessive-Complusive Kids

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald January 12, 09:28 am

Having a child with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is one of the greatest challenges that some parents have to face. Some experts suggest some tips on making it a way easier to manage.

First off is to educate the child about OCD, according to Psychcentral. Natasha Daniels, a blogger from Psychcentral, said that her experience with nervous and uncomfortable children has taught her that they can be educated about OCD.

Letting the children know about OCD will help them reshape their mentality. This can be done by properly explaining what OCD is and how does it affects their thinking.

There are many great books that help children understand OCD on a child-friendly level. Parents may become uncomfortable with the word OCD but children actually find great comfort in knowing that their issue has a name. The kids with OCD also find a dose of relief by realizing that they are not alone.

Talking about the "name" for OCD, the second guideline is to try giving OCD some sort of a nickname like "Mr. Bossy." Kids Health Organization said that some children with OCD can be open to their parents about their struggle while some tend not to be transparent as possible. Assigning a specific name for OCD will help the kid feel more comfortable and easy to talk with, especially about this problem.

Kids can be really embarrassed by their thoughts and become dependent on their rituals. When something goes wrong, the tendency of a parent is to admonish the child. It is important to be careful not to let them feel that they are the ones being attacked rather than the OCD itself.

The third guideline is to keep oneself from being overzealous and pointing out all the child's rituals. It is also important to note that a parent should not be part of the child's rituals.

Becoming overzealous with watching out for the rituals can drive the child to be more secretive about his or her OCD issues. But stopping the ritualistic behavior is not an overnight process.

Children with OCD, like any young individual around the world, need love, care, support, and grace. It is important to note that such behavioral problem can either be temporary or permanent. The key is for parents to be patient with their kids with OCD. Their love and support can have the problem solved permanently.

What do you think is the best way to raise a child with OCD? Share your thoughts below. 

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