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MOAS Conduct Rescue Operations Off The Libyan Coast

Toddler  23 December '16

How To Teach Children That Parenting Is Not Only For Girls, Learn From Dad’s Experience

Australian toddler, who likes playing baby doll, was taught by her father that parenting is not only for girls. To teach the toddler, the father supported the toddler’s fondness for playing a doll and even bought the toddler a pram for his baby doll.

Frank Zander Hosts Charity Dinner For Homeless In Berlin

Toddler  23 December '16

Risk-Embracing Parents Will Have Successful Children, Experts Say

Parents who are fearful in all decisions might end up having children who are anxious and afraid of taking risks. To avoid this, parents should adopt risk-embracing parenting style just like what psychologist Lynn Johnson did in his family and children.

Marijuana Grow Near Albany For State's Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Pregnancy  23 December '16

US Pregnant Women Increasingly Use Marijuana, Research Suggests

Pregnant women who are using marijuana are increasing in the United States, a new research suggests. Researchers discovered that the prevalence of marijuana use among pregnant women from 2002 – 2014 has increased from 2.4 percent to 3.9 percent.

Children At Xining Orphan And Disabled Children Welfare Center

SPED Kids  23 December '16

Autism Prevalence Links To Protein Shortage In Human Brain, New Study Discovers

Prevalence of autism disorder among children linked to nSR100/Srrm4 protein in the brain, researchers from Toronto University suggested. Researchers discovered that mice bred with low protein display behaviors parallel autism disorder among humans.

How To Lose At Games Without Getting Mad: A Social Story

Toddler  22 December '16

Why Children Must Get Through Losing In A Game

Victory is good and sweet, however children have to learn that losing is not the end of the world. For kids, losing in a game or sports can teach an important lesson on how to handle life’s challenges and how recover from failing.

Aspects Of The Mediterranean Diet

Health/Nutrition  22 December '16

How to Stick to a Diet: Experts Say Train Those Taste Buds

It is difficult to fight the urge to eat chocolates, mouth-watering processed foods or even those sodium-rich fast foods especially when on diet. Food psychologist Marcia Pelchat shared, there is still one effective way to control it, that is to train those taste buds.

Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016

School  22 December '16

Student’s Data Provided On Educational App And Websites Could Be Used Beyond Educational Purposes, Privacy Commission Warns, Students Be Careful!

Ontario’s privacy commissioner, Brian Beamish, warns students, parents and teachers of the confidejavascript:;ntiality risks with educational technologies. Beamish said the student’s information could be used beyond educational purposes.

Mom Shocked Son with Down Syndrome Was Overlooked By Modeling Agency

SPED Kids  22 December '16

Mom Shares Her Personal Experiences About Raising Child With ADHD, Releases Book

A mom of kid who has ADHD gives support, answers and solutions for parents with kids with ADHD. She wrote and published a book about her personal experience of raising a child with the disorder.

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

SPED Kids  22 December '16

Having Twins With Down Syndrome Is ‘Not Scary’, Reveals A Mom

Having children with Down syndrome is not frightening contrary to what other parents think, shares a mom who has twins with Down syndrome. And her proof? Her two adorable twins.

Bonhams Auction Preview Of Islamic And Indian Artworks

Teens/Young Adults  21 December '16

Canadian Teen Stabbed, Suspects Still Unknown

A teenager has been stabbed by unknown suspects just a few blocks outside his own home in Toronto, Canada. The teen’s health is now stable but justice for what happened is yet to be served.

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Holds News Conference On Interest Rate Decision

School  21 December '16

Yellen: Education Is The Key To Economic Success, Yellen Links Economic Success With Higher Education

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has tied the success of a nation’s economy to education during her graduation remarks at the University of Baltimore. She cited the importance of education or completing a college degree.

Humanitarian Efforts Continue Following Devastating Super Typhoon

Toddler  21 December '16

Children Below 3 May Be Adversely Harmed By Prolonged And Repeated Exposure To Anesthesia, FDA Warns

Children below 3-years-old exposed either prolonged or repeatedly to sedation drugs and general anesthesia may be harmed seriously, the Food and Drug Administration has learned. Thus they issued safety warning of the possible effect of too much exposure to the drugs.

Iraqi Infant Mortality Rate More Than Doubles

Infant  21 December '16

How To Ovecome Mistakes As A New Mom See Details Here

New moms make mistake of regarding moms with two or more children as expert parents. Alicia Assad, a mother-of-four, believes though she has already four kids she’s never an expert parent, insisting the struggle of parenthood is still real for her.

Why do women have periods?

Teens/Young Adults  21 December '16

Nepalese Teen Found Dead While in the Process of an Ancient Practice

Roshani Tiruwa was found dead while in the process of chhaupadi, an ancient Nepalese practice. Her body was found inside her “chhaupadi shed” by her father three days after her menstrual cycle started.

Black Friday Shoppers Hunt For Holiday Bargains

Family Life  20 December '16

5 Parenting Mistakes To Avoid During Holiday Seasons, Take Out Hassle And Bustle During Holidays By Avoiding These Parenting Mistakes

Nurse Marcia Norton offers five holiday season parenting errors that parents should avoid. All these five parenting tips can surely help ease the hassle and worry of the holiday seasons.

Utopia Challenged. Sweden's Relationship With Refugees

Family Life  20 December '16

Why Strict Parenting Style Is Not The Best Way For Parents To Raise Children

Strict parenting can do nothing good to children though parents may thought they are just protecting their kids. Parents, instead of being overprotective and strict, should be supportive to the goals and dreams of their children.

Synthetic Marijuana, Or K2, Use On The Rise In New York City

Health/Nutrition  20 December '16

Marijuana Use Is Dangerous To Children’s Health, Says Latest Study, Doctors Warn Parents Not To Use Marijuana In Front Of Children

Chemicals from secondhand marijuana smoke may have negative effect on the health of children, a latest small study finds out. Thus researchers warn parents, particularly in states where use of marijuana is legal, to never expose children to marijuana as the children may absorb those harmful chemicals.

HMAS Parramatta Departs for Gulf Duty

Teens/Young Adults  20 December '16

Teenage Sweethearts With Twinning Eyes, Nose, Mouth Become Internet Sensation After Sweet Photo Together Went Viral

Teenage lovers shared their sweet moments online; photos started attracting attention of many netizens. People commented the two young couple looked the same and must be related, but the two insisted they are not related actually.

SPED Kids  20 December '16

Kids With Autism Got To Enjoy Santa When The Mall Closed And Made Exclusively Available For Them

Kids on the spectrum were able to enjoy St. Nick in the mall without the crowd and just have a noise-free environment.

FedEx ships 18,000 Christmas trees to military families

Family Life  19 December '16

18,000 Christmas Trees to U.S. Service members and families Delivered By FedEx

FedEx and the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation have joint forces to deliver 18,000 Christmas trees to military families. Such gesture is heart warming especially for the living heroes of this nation.

Stars Stamp Out The Stigma Of Dyslexia

Health/Nutrition  19 December '16

Dyslexia Can Now Be Detected Through Computer Games, Schoolgirl With Dyslexia Invented The System To Screen Kids For Dyslexia

A new technology has been invented to spot and detect early signs of dyslexia among children. Caitie Glover, 12, has developed computer game system which can screen kids for dyslexia.

Rise In Children Seeking Transgender Treatment

Teens/Young Adults  19 December '16

Transgender Teen To Receive Payout Damages After His New Identity Exposé

Transgender teenage from Leicestershire, who has cutoff his connection with his parents, will get a sum of money worth £4,750 after a Leicestershire County Council accidentally spilled his new identity to the friends of his adoptive parents. The wrongful revelation left the teen unsafe and mentally unhealthy.

Hungary Builds Migrant Fence On Its Border With Serbia

Infant  19 December '16

How Can Professional Baby Sleep Trainers Help Babies Shut Down Their Eyes

Professional baby sleep trainers teach parents how to help toddlers and babies sleep. More parents get their services nowadays in order to know the right thing to do when a child fusses and cries a lot.

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