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Boston Pops 12th Annual Holiday Performance At Boston Children's Hospital

Family Life  19 December '16

Pros And Cons Of European and American Parenting Styles

Though both in the west, Europeans and Americans have differences in parenting. The former focuses in 'raising' kids while the latter emphasizes on 'protecting' kids.

Evictions Start At Sacramento's Tent City

Teens/Young Adults  16 December '16

Homeless Sacramento People Receive Gifts From Teens And Kids

Some young people from Sacramento blessed the homeless people around by giving them gifts for this season. It was a blessing and the team wanted to continue the pursuit as the number of homeless people increases every year.

DNA Strands From A Double Helix Model

Infant  16 December '16

Three-Babies Procedure Now Legalized, Babies Formed From DNA Of Three Persons Now Possible!

Latest advancement in IVF has been finally approved by UK Parliament. Today Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority or HFEA is now accepting applications from any fertility clinics who desire to apply the three-babies procedure.

Multiple Identical Siblings Hold Gathering In Washington

Infant  16 December '16

Chance Of Baby Boy Or Girl At Conception Is Completely Random Says Experts, Debunking Telltales About Conceiving A Baby Boy

A column suggested that woman looking forward to conceive male baby must never miss breakfast, sleep in position facing leftwards and consume plenty of muttons. However experts debunked the tips, suggesting the possibility of a boy or girl at birth is completely random.

birth control pill RU-486

Infant  16 December '16

Unborn Babies' Killers Felt Sorry For Their Sins Now Wanted To Form A Church

Deaths of unborn babies have made a group of obstetrician and women, who have performed an abortion in the past, decide to form a church in the name of Holy Trinity as their way of showing remorse over their acts. Now, they are ready to share and give their personal stories to inspire others not to make the same error.

Missing Teens' Families Plead For Answers At Woodland Vigil

Teens/Young Adults  15 December '16

Vigil For Two Missing Teens In Woodland Went Emotional

Enrique Rios, 16, and Elijah Moore, 17, went missing some weeks ago. Families and friends had a vigil at the New Life Community Church and it went emotional.

Potato diet blood test after 8 months - Spud Fit Challenge day 263

Health/Nutrition  15 December '16

Man Loses 100 Pounds In 9 Months By Eating Potatoes Only

Who said that eating potatoes alone for almost a year can help a man shed weight and get healthier? An Australian man proved this diet works.

Volunteers Serve Thanksgiving Meals To The Needy

Family Life  15 December '16

Why Parents Hide Somethings From Their Children

Parents hide some stuff from their children like violence, arguments, drugs and family problems. However experts said important things like love, care and support, and family secrets should never be hidden from them.

Holiday Shoppers Look For Bargains On Black Friday

Toddler  15 December '16

6 Suggestions That Promise Stress-Free And Fun Shopping Experience For Toddlers And Parents

Bringing children in shopping malls or grocery can often be problematic to both parents and children, however by following these easy steps, can make things much easier. Know and learn how to have a fun and hassle free shopping experience with toddlers.

Humanitarian Efforts Continue Following Devastating Super Typhoon

Infant  15 December '16

Babies Born Out-The-Hospital Becomes A Trend In Alabama, State Now In Maternity Crisis

Rates of infants born at home have become a trend in Alabama which lead advocates of home-births to fight for the legal position of midwives after the banning of midwifery practice outside the hospital. The rise has drawn the attention of the state to several issues concerning home-births and relation between doctors and midwives.

Daycare workers charged with neglect after toddler injury

Toddler  15 December '16

Daycare Director And Employee Facing Charges For A Seriously Injured Toddler

A baby had swollen lip, bruising to her cheeks and deep cuts to her back after having been paddled by an 11-year old child in a daycare facility. The director and an employee are facing charges.

Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Teens/Young Adults  14 December '16

Tablets, Smartphones And Other Gadgets Can Increase The Risk Of Obesity, Study Suggests

Teens have high risk of obesity when they spend five or more hours on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets, according to a study in Boston.

New Orleans Saints Training Camp

Family Life  14 December '16

New Orleans Will Smith Shootings: Gun Violence Prevalence In A City Concerned Many Residents

New Orleans is now reeling from latest prevalence of gun violence. People in the city were disturbed after two different incidents of street rage have left two football players dead.

Stanley Cup Fountain Unveiled In Times Square

Toddler  14 December '16

Children Are Not Old Enough To Handle Alcohol”: Doctors Warn Parents Keep Alcohol Away From Children

Doctors warn parents of toddlers to keep half-drunk wine glasses and beer bottles away from their children. Toddlers who got drunk on alcohol may experience comma, seizure and even death among toddlers.


Health/Nutrition  14 December '16

73-Year-Old Grandpa With Dementia Fatally Shoot By Officer Even He Was Unarmed

A grandpa from Bakersfield was shot fatally as being thought of owning a firearm. Family said he was suffering from dementia since last year.

Remote Area Medical Treats Patients In Underserved Communities In Florida

Health/Nutrition  14 December '16

Why Poverty And Mental Illness Can’t Be Separated, They Go Hand In Hand

Mental illness and poverty are basically related to each other, stresses Dean Burnett. The Guardian’s reporter emphasized that poverty and mental health problems have connection and one can’t address one without addressing the other one.

Social Projects Address Needs Of Struggling Families

School Age  14 December '16

Parental Discipline: Children Are Not Only Misbehaving, There Are 4 Reasons Why They Misbehave

Kids misbehave for different reasons. Parent Herald has learned that children misbehave for four reasons: they want attention; they have unmet needs; they want power and control; and they’re testing limits.

Immigrants Learn English As Second Language At Community Migrant Center

Teens/Young Adults  13 December '16

5 Biggest Challenges Face By Teenage Refugees! Refugee Teens Be Aware

Here are five biggest challenges facing teenager refugees nowadays. These include difficulty speaking and learning the English language, proper education, discrimination and bullying, teenage pregnancy and teen gangs or groups.

2016 New York Taste Presented By Citi Hosted By New York Magazine

Health/Nutrition  13 December '16

Nut Intake Daily Can Prolong Life By Cutting Risk Of Fatal Diseases Like Cancer And Heart Disease

Going nuts about nuts can reduce probable development of fatal diseases such as cancer, heart disease and other chronic disease according to a new study. The study however did not show any evidence that nut consumption can stop development of those chronic diseases.

Parents struggle to discipline out of control children

Family Life  13 December '16

How People Adopt The Idea Of ‘Discipline Theater’ In Parenting And Policing

NPR’s Michel Martin explained well how people engage in the idea of “discipline theater” both in parenting and policing. She cited some recent police shootout incidents and then links them to the perception of “discipline theater”.

The 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Roaming Show

News  13 December '16

Maternal Instinct Kicks Early For Actress Nicole Kidman, Kidman Wanted To Have Kids At Early Age

Nicole Kidman has admitted she wanted to have children in a very early age and knew one day she’ll have her own kids. Today, the 49-year-old actress is raising her four kids – two adopted and two biological.


Pregnancy  13 December '16

Surprise! Connecticut Mom Gives Birth 24 Hours After Knowing She’s Actually 8-Months Pregnant

One mother from Connecticut shares her shocking stories about her surprise pregnancy and unbelievable birth. Amanda Francis gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy 24 hours after discovering she’s pregnant.

Indian Doctor Provides Free Care For Women In Need

Toddler  12 December '16

Premature Babies Given ‘Kangaroo Mother Care’ More Likely To Survive Long Years Than Premature Babies Given Incubator Care, A Study Confirms

Kangaroo mother care technique linked to better possibility of thriving among babies born prematurely and low in weight, a study discovers. The study discovered that premature infants treated with kangaroo care has better chance of surviving than those put in incubators.

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