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6 Weeks Pregnant | What To Expect

Pregnancy  12 December '16

How To Be Hundred Percent Sure Of Pregnancy Sign, Experts Explained The State Of Six-Weeks Into Pregnancy

Health experts explained what it means when a woman is six-weeks pregnant. It is during the sixth-week period of pregnancy that a woman is hundred percent sure she’s pregnant.

Toddler on life support after being 'turned away from NSW hospital three times'

Toddler  12 December '16

Toddler Rejected By Hospital Three Times Was Put To Life Support, Now Recovering In Another Hospital

A toddler was place in a very dangerous situation after a hospital has turned him down three times. Hamza was battling with sepsis sickness when the hospital rejected him three times. Now, the child is recovering in a new hospital.

Italian Youths Shop, Socialize And Party

Teens/Young Adults  12 December '16

Underage Drinking Ordinance Will Have Adults Responsible For Underage Drinking, Ordinance Has ‘Strong Chance Of Passing', Says Port Arthur Mayor

An organization wants parents or other adults liable for underage drinking in Port Arthur. The org if approved will hold adults responsible for providing a setting where underage alcohol drinking happens in house parties.

Australian Labor Party 2016 Federal Campaign Launch

School  12 December '16

Education Budgets Should Be Increased Both Overseas And Domestic Otherwise The World Will Suffer, Julia Gillard Warns

Julia Gillard warns the governments around the world of the threat on not increasing education budgets. She said it is imperative that both overseas and domestic education funding be made available as the initial efforts to have kids and youngsters into school.

Challenges Teenagers and Parents Face With Risky Teenage Behavior

Teens/Young Adults  9 December '16

Teen Behavior Problems Associated With Parent-Teen Discrepancies On Parenting Style, Says New Study

A latest study conducted by University of California, Riverside psychology professor and graduate student discovers differences between teenagers’ and parents’ perceptions of parenting approach contributes to youths’ behavior issues. Teens showed more raised levels of behavior problems when they viewed their parents’ parenting strategies more negatively than how their parents mean to.

Brazil Continues Battle Against Zika Virus Ahead Of Olympic Games

Health/Nutrition  9 December '16

Zika Virus Update: 5 New York Babies Born With Microcephaly And Other Brain Abnormalities, Moms Have Tested Positive Of Zika Virus

Zika virus continues to affect many innocent lives of babies in New Your City with latest victim of five newborns, according to health officials. The babies were seen with symptoms related to the virus such as microcephaly and some other brain abnormalities.

Brooklyn child with autism leaves school unnoticed, found on rooftop several blocks away

SPED Kids  8 December '16

6-Year-Old Boy With Autism Found In Dangerous Setting After Running Away From School

A little boy who has autistic syndrome has been found in a dangerous setting after went missing for some hours from his school. The child is safe now and her mother blames the school for the incident.

New Drug Could Save Children With Fatal Neurodegenerative Diseases

Infant  8 December '16

Newborn Babies With Lethal Spinal Muscular Atrophy Can Now Be Saved, Study Says They Found New Cure For The Disease

A new drug is said to improve survival, slow development of the disease called lethal spinal muscular atrophy. It is yet to undergo quick track courses for proper drug approval.

German Dad Helps Son By Wearing a Skirt

Family Life  8 December '16

English Mom Tried German Parenting For Seven Days After They Moved To Germany, Experiment Went Successful

An English mom Christie Drozdowski is raising her daughter in German where they just recently relocated. She also had adopted German-inspired parenting approaches she has learned from online researchers and German friends.

M.A.C Cosmetics Mariah Carey Beauty Icon Launch In NYC

Health/Nutrition  8 December '16

Mariah Carey Follows ‘Weird’ Diet, Only Eats Carpers And Salmon Every Single Day To Stay Fit And Sexy

Mariah Carey only eats carpers and salmon every single day. To maintain a sexy and fit body, Pop Diva Mariah Carey sticks to what others would say “weird” diet – salmon-and-carpers diet.

Prince Harry Visits The Caribbean - Day 9

Family Life  8 December '16

Baby Died After Day Care Provider Put Her In Car Seat, Day Care Provider Charged With Murder

A baby died after her day care provider put her in a car seat. The day care provider claimed that the child got suffocated by the straps of the car seat.

How in vitro fertilization (IVF) works - Nassim Assefi and Brian A. Levine

Pregnancy  8 December '16

In Vitro Fertilization Update: Widow Woman Give Birth To Baby Girl After Going Through IVF, ‘It Was Always Our Plan’

A widow woman bore a child one year after she lost her husband. The woman went through an in vitro fertilization or IVF after the death of her husband and after one year, she welcomed their third child.

Mom Saves A Starving Orphan Boy. One Year Later, He Looks Completely Unrecognizable

Infant  8 December '16

Extremely Malnourished Orphan Boy Saved From Dying, Thanks To Kind-Hearted Mother From US

A severely malnourished orphan little boy from Bulgaria made a remarkable recovery after a kind lady adopted him. The 7-year-old weighed only 8 pounds and was extremely malnourished when Priscilla Morse saw him and adopted him. Now he’s doing great.

Meet the teen suing Obama over climate change

Teens/Young Adults  7 December '16

Squad Goals: 21 Teenagers And Children File Lawsuit Against US Government For Not Guarding Them From Threat Of Climate Change

If permitted to advance forward, 21 young plaintiffs from Oregon will ask the court to hold US government accountable for disrespecting all their rights to property, equal protection, liberty and life. Now the young complainants are preparing for the day.

Twins Born Holding Hands Are Still Inseparable 2-Years Later! - Jenna and Jillian

Toddler  7 December '16

4-Year-Old Identical Twins Inseparable In Life Even In Coping Cancer, One Twin Has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Identical twin from Charlotte helps her twin sister cope with cancer by not leaving her side and bond together well. One of the twins has Hodgkin’s lymphoma or cancer in lymphocytes.

Canadian woman, 96, becomes a great great great grandmother

Infant  7 December '16

Newborn Baby Became The Sixth Generation Of Her Family, Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother Really Thankful Of Her Life

An Alberta family has six generations of joy and love. Little Callie Elizabeth Grace Marsh is the sixth generation of her family. The newest addition was just welcomed last month.


Infant  7 December '16

Dispatcher Receives an Unexpected Call: Ends Up Assisting Mom in Labor

It was an ordinary day for Renae Whitehouse, a dispatcher from Houston, Texas. But everything changed when she received an emergency call from a pregnant mother who is about to give birth to her baby.

Rally At New York's City Hall Celebrates Public Breastfeeding Law

Infant  7 December '16

Lactation Experts Answer Real-Time Breastfeeding Questions On Breast Implants And Dental Work

Find expert answers to real-life breastfeeding queries on breast implants, dental work and a lot more in here. All answers are fresh from the mouth and brain of lactation experts.

Parenting Advice - 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Having a Baby

Family Life  7 December '16

4 Common Frustrating Moments That Leave Parents Wanting To End Parenting

Four common frustrating moments that leave parents wanting to feel like quitting their job as parents to their kids. These include childhood tantrums, begging for diapers in public place, when child help parents hostage and kids barging in to the bathroom.

Educational Session On Ebola Preparedness For Healthcare Workers Held In New York

Health/Nutrition  6 December '16

Nurse With Cancer Said Sorry To Patients After Having Cancer Diagnosis, Now Understands What They’ve Been Through

Nurse Lindsay Norris now understands a different angle of cancer after diagnosed with rectal cancer herself. She wrote on her blog a letter addressed to her patients, emphasizing she now understands what they have endured.

Second Report On Sandy Hook Shootings Released

School  6 December '16

How To Detect A Probable School Shooters, Sandy Hook Promise Identified Possible Signs!

Sandy Hook Promise shows through a video campaign how signs that might lead to deadly gun violence can easily be missed out. On the other side, the organization showed that gun violence is avoidable if people just know and distinguish the signs.

Heartbreaking IMAGE Shows Boy,7, Wiped Out After Chemotherapy to Help Battle His RARE Form Of Cancer

Health/Nutrition  6 December '16

A Sick Picture Of 7-Year-Old Boy With Rare Malignant Cancer Went Viral, The Child Has Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer And Undergo Special Treatment

Logan Sellers who has cerebral palsy was diagnosed with rare cancer which makes him looked very poor and ill in a photo posted online by his father. The 7-year-old boy is now receiving a proton therapy treatment to kill and pinpoint his cancer.

Inappropriate Student Teacher Relationship

Teens/Young Adults  5 December '16

2 Girls Who Had Sexual Relationship With Their Gymnastic Coach Did Not Feel Bad Feeling Towards The Suspect, Suspect Avoid Jail

Two girls were sexually abused by their gymnastic coach while training in a gymnastic school. The girls were teenager with age one 15 and other 16 during the incident. They did not show any bitterness to the suspects.

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