3 Leading Companies In Technology Community Develop Smart Technologies To Prevent Diabetic Epidemic

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald December 05, 08:54 pm

Several innovators in the technology community joined forces to avert the upcoming diabetes wave. Among these companies who have already worked on to stop the widespread of diabetes were Metabolon, Dexcom, and Sano. All three have produced technologies that hope to stop the upsurge of diabetes.

An estimation created by the Institute for Alternative Future has projected that 53.1 million people in the United States or 14.9 percent of the population of America might have diabetes by the year 2025 and the yearly societal, and medical costs are going to rise by 72 percent up to $514 billion, according to Opposing Views. To stop the upcoming wave of diabetes, many innovators within the technology industry have hopped in to make and build right solutions.

Here is a quick overview of the top three players aggressively participating to stop the epidemic today. In random orders, they are:

Sano. The wearable patch of Sano measures interstitial liquid in the outer layer of the skin to provide continuous, real-time sugar monitoring to a cellphone app. Through the technology of Sano, people can generate a health information points in a very comfortable, accessible and real-time way. The patch will help people, especially diabetic people, make more informed and faster decisions to choose eating behaviors and options.

Metabolon. This company has created tech known as insulin resistance test or Quantose IR that measures a patient's insulin resistance. John Ryals, CEO and President of Metabolon, said in an event according to Venture Beat, that with their insulin resistance test, they pick up patients who are going down that path, when their insulin is mounting, but they have not gone so far as having dis-regulated glucose.

Dexcom. Dexcom has created a sensor technology which thrusts underneath the skin, transferring sugar readings to the cell phones. This technology allows for continual sugar monitoring. One user of the device shared that his Dexcom experience has been fun, personal and enlightening experience. The user added that the instrument had effectively gamified his healthy living and just by looking at his cellphone, he gets an instant response as to whether he is losing or winning the game.

Smart technology promotes awareness in creating everyday decisions, the discipline for self-care and self-management and the development of healthy habits. It can't only help reduce or stop the advancement of diabetes as well as its complications. However, it can also contribute to lessen the total expenditures of diabetes management and treatment.

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