Pregnancy Tips: Expert Tips For Right Management Of Diabetes During Pregnancy

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald November 14, 06:26 am

Odds of complications in delivery and pregnancy are high in women detected with gestational diabetes. However, with good strategies and proper planning, the threat of complications in the mother and baby can be restricted. Just follow these adept tips.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the prevalence of gestational diabetes for women is as high as 9.2 percent. Pregnant women diagnosed with gestational diabetes will have an increased risk of shoulder dystocia and high birthweight which are complications while giving birth.

 However, the risk can be limited now. How? Just follow the expert tips below:

  •  See a doctor always. Take time to create a health care group and formulate a healthcare plan to control sugar levels. Regular contact with a doctor is vital in controlling blood sugar levels and checking the health of the mom and the baby.
  •  Maintain a healthy weight. Weight increase during pregnancy is a very common concern, particularly for pregnant women with diabetes. Thus, it's recommended that pregnant women with gestational diabetes should have a steady and slow level of weight increase as it's the proper way of growth weight during pregnancy. Pregnant women should eat a plant-based diet primarily and avoid foods with preservatives, excessive saturated fats, and high in sugars.
  •  Get moderate and regular physical activity. All expectant women must have a day-to-day exercise program. Regular exercise enhances the action of the body's very own insulin. Marina Chaparro, a certified diabetes educator at Miami and spokesperson for Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), said that exercise would help pregnant women metabolize food better, control blood sugar and assist them to control their body weight during and then after pregnancy, the Fox News has learned.
  •  Keep daily records of sugar levels, exercise and diet. Pregnant women with diabetes are sometimes asked by their doctors to monitor their daily blood glucose levels, as accurate control of blood sugar lessens the odds of complications in the mom and the in particular baby. Pregnant women will be advised by the doctors to keep the record of daily exercise, blood glucose levels, and diet.

Hundreds of thousands of pregnant women every year were able to manage diabetes during pregnancy with exquisite results. Always remember to maintain a healthy weight, exercise daily, keep a record of sugar levels and most especially talk to a doctor always. Medically manage diabetes is the key to fruitful and healthy delivery.

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