No Coffee, No Migraine: Eliminating Caffeine Would Save One From Migraines, Experts Say

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald November 02, 05:00 am

Coffee drinkers are prone to migraines, according to most experts. A living treasure of Hawaii and Harvard University will always take coffee out from one's daily diet if there is any issue of a migraine.

Eliminating coffee, processed foods high in nitrates or monosodium glutamate (MSG) and alcohol can benefit individuals battling migraines, says Vincent Martin, MD, professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine. Integrative medicine expert Dr. Terry Shintani also promotes taking away coffee from the diet and replace it with the " Peace Diet" that can actually reverse diseases aside from chronic headaches.

Two approaches are said to be effective in conquering migraines. The first approach would be the elimination of foods and beverages that trigger headaches. The second method, on the other hand, follows a migraine diet that is designed to prevent headaches, Dr. Martin explained to Health News..

Too much coffee presents risk. "No more than 400 milligrams daily--one cup is 125 milligrams--is probably the maximum for migraine patients... Large amounts of caffeine can bring on anxiety and depressive symptoms as well as headaches," Dr. Martin explained. Nonetheless, withdrawal from caffeine means a high possibility of experiencing serious headaches. Hence, it is important to withdraw gradually.

Along with coffee is MSG. This flavor enhancer used in a variety of processed foods can induce migraine. Frozen or canned foods, international foods, barbecue sauce, ketchupsoups, snack foods, seasoning salts, salad dressing, and heavily in Chinese cooking are among stuffs that are needed to be avoided.

Dr. Shintani solves this be designing a 10-day diet program that healed thousands who are now disease free and continually getting healthier. He based his program from Daniel's diet in the Old Testament of the Bible.

It made sense that in just 10 days, Daniel and his friends became the leanest, strongest, and healthiest among all men. Eating more natural foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits can actually reverse chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and yes, migraine.

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