Beverages Like Coffee , Soda, and Sports Drinks May Be Unhealthy Foy You, Water Still Is The Better Option

Doctors from the University of Michigan say that to keep yourself healthy, you need to keep yourself hydrated. However, there are many ways to keep oneself hydrated by drinking coffee, soda, or artificially sweetened juices and shakes. These will hydrate you at a certain degree but they are surely not advisable for healthy living. What you do need is water.

Hydrotherapy is an old tradition but no one can ignore its effectiveness in making one healthy. Water gives balance to the body so that the proper conversion of fats to energy is done seamlessly by the liver together with the other body organs. Everyone should have a main goal for a well balanced healthy body, which can maintian homeostasis in the body. Without the balance, the liver will fail to convert the fats properly to energy, thus anything you eat will be stored as fats instead of energy, no matter how healthy the foods are. All these and more are based on scientific evidences presented in a research from the  North American Journal of Medical Science.

Coffee and Soda are the great culprits to unhealthy living. It is hard to accept this fact since most people could not live without these two popularly consumed beverages. Dr. Tammy Chang from the University of Michigan says that Coffee is ok for hydration but he would not recommend it. Dr. Terry Shintani from Harvard University says that Coffee is a culprit for some cases of headaches and it also causes imbalance in the body. Soda, on the other hand, is a huge contributor to diabetes especially because of the artificial sweeteners in it.

Sports drink is another fluid that can be healthy but is not for everyone. If you intend to be into an intense activity and expect to sweat, then it is good to take sports drinks. If you choose sports drinks and not perspire at all, you might be destroying your liver. Harvard Health Publications describe Sports drinks as "flavored beverages that contain carbohydrates (usually sugar) and minerals such as sodium and potassium. Those minerals are generally referred to as electrolytes." Electrolytes replace the lost minerals in your body when you sweat. Too much of these electrolytes may destroy your liver.

Be careful what fluid you actually take in to hydrate yourself. It is always best to drink water instead of the colored ones. Be guided accordingly in your choice of beverage and take into consideration the effects of such drinks to your body.

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