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Hacker Lauri Love Extradition Hearing

SPED Kids  14 September '16

Darker Side of Autism: Cybercrime Among Autistic People Under Study

For some autistic individuals, internet and computer is all they have aside from family. But if it becomes a fork that will lead them to prison, what should be done?


Health/Nutrition  14 September '16

Longevity Is Quite Impossible For Most Americans, Statistics Say

Gotho, a 146 years old Indonesian man must have experienced everything in life already. An American, on the other hand, can be unhealthy at the age of 30. Why such a difference?

Healthcare Costs

Health/Nutrition  14 September '16

CDHPs Consumers Spend More Than Non-CDHPs Consumers, Research Confirms!

A new research by the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) confirms that consumers of CDHPs spend more dollars even if they got less expensive health plans than people with traditional health plans.

MSM spotlights Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

Health/Nutrition  14 September '16

Presidential Candidates: Their Health and History Are Of Great Significance For Getting Votes

Due to the recent news about Clinton’s health status, voters seek more information on the health records of their presidential bets. This concealing of health records, however, should not be a surprise as it has been like a tradition.

hudson river

SPED Kids  14 September '16

PCBs That Were Banned and Disposed For Over 50 Years Produce Aftershock and Become A Possible Cause of Autism

How can compounds like PCBs that have not been around for over 50 years now still terrorize innocent lives? Scientists are aggressive to answer this question and more.

parent and child

Toddler  13 September '16

Positive Parenting: Experts Talk About Good Parenting

Parenting experts share their thoughts on good parenting. According to them, good parenting is not converting a child into a successful and happy adult. It is fostering a protected and warm environment for children to learn and grow.


SPED Kids  13 September '16

Drug For Autism: New Hope For Individuals On The Spectrum Who Have Communication And Social Problems

A new drug has been found to help autism kids and adults conquer their inabilities to talk and socialize with people. Edward S. Brodkin with his research team offers this help and promises to keep on studying further solutions.

zika virus infected babies child

Health/Nutrition  13 September '16

Study On Zika Virus’ Effect On the Brain: New Hope To Destroy The Deadly Virus

Zika virus attacks the brain and disrupts the process of its early development, that is why the head of a child shrinks and everything about the kid will not progress. It is a sad reality that many scientists are still striving to get the perfect solution.

Take my hand

Toddler  13 September '16

There Are No Perfect Parents, Only Good Enough Ones - Expert Says

No one can ever achieve perfection as parents, although they can be good enough in their parenting roles. This is what Donald Winnicott, a pediatrician and psychoanalyst, has learned after interacting and relating with several mothers and their babies.

2016 Summer TCA Tour - Day 14

News  12 September '16

Pamela Adlon’s Show 'Better Things' Displays Real Life Struggles Of Single Parenting

A new comedy TV show in Fox, Better Things, starring and co- created by Pamela Adlon, displays real life struggles of a single parent raising three kids of different ages.

Pepper at Opening Ceremony of the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival

SPED Kids  12 September '16

TechCrunch’s Pepper: Autistic Kids Improve Sensory Processing and Anxiety Management Through A Robot

From IPad game apps to life-size robots, what is next for the autistic kids? Autism solutions are getting better and better.


School  12 September '16

Top 3 Must-Haves Once Students Finished Schooling

Education experts said that students should have content knowledge, critical thinking and time management skills before graduating. All these knowledge and skills they gain or acquire will help them become prolific citizens.

Unattended children will be given espresso and a free kitten.

Toddler  12 September '16

Parenting And Texting: What Happens To Your Child When You Are Glued To Your Smartphone

When a parent is glued to his or her mobile device, something huge is going on in a child's heart and mind. Unloving behaviors are later produced while the parent fails to notice the size of the problem until it gets worse.

Heroin Bottles

Family Life  12 September '16

Heroin Abuse of Parents in the US: How Do Kids With Drug Addict Parents Cope?

Study says that kids of drug addict parents are more likely to grow up as criminals or drug addicts as well.


SPED Kids  12 September '16

Research Team At University Of Strathclyde Discovered That iPad Games Can Identify Autism

A team of researchers from Strathclyde University used game apps on iPad to pinpoint an early sign of autism in kids. The researchers discovered that children with autism utilized more strength compared to kids without the disorder.

asian tiger mosquito in action

Health/Nutrition  11 September '16

Zika Virus Update: Future of Babies Uncertain Because of Microcephaly, Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Other Zika Symptoms

Babies infected by Zika virus have uncertain future because of the abnormalities happening and worsening as they will grow up. Some parents are even losing hope for a long life for their babies.

Stripe on stripe

Body  2 September '16

Zika Virus Linked To The Amplified Rate Of Guillain-Barré Syndrome Cases In Latin America

Guillain-Barré Syndrome cases have tremendously increased in many parts of Latin America. Such skyrocketing statistics were linked to the worse spreading of Zika virus.

Refugee children from Syria at a clinic in Ramtha, northern Jordan

K-12 Reform  2 September '16

Syrian Children Refugee: Education Means To Us!

Refugee children in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan needs education to reestablish new life. In response to this, several worldwide assistances rushed in. Has their cry ended?


Development  2 September '16

Parental Guidance: What Environment Are You Creating For Your Children?

Numerous factors influence the growth of a kid, including external and internal factors. The state of a kid’s environment is a significant element of his growth. Learn important aspects of nurturing environment good parents should create for their kids.


Development  2 September '16

Conjoined Twin Separated Four Years Ago Now Excited to Kick off School

Twins with an unusual medical condition, after undergoing emergency separation operation, are now ready and thrilled to kick off school this September.

Doctors Warn That Anti-Depressants Can Lead To Suicide

Health/Nutrition  2 September '16

Four Mental Illness: What Bipolar Disorder, Alcohol And Drug Addition, Suicide And Self Harm Have In Common?

People with bipolar disorder have the tendency to substance abuse, commit suicide, or do self-harm. There is no one who is hopeless to be cured. They just need extra grace and love.

Germany To Expand Child Day Care Hours With KitaPlus Initiative

Development  1 September '16

How Extra Curricular Activities For Kids Can Make Or Break Your Child

Making your child's life busy can make or break him or her. It depends on the motivation and support you give. Stress is always possible but success is the counterpart. Make sure that your end point is the latter.

Arthur Ashe Kids' Day

Development  1 September '16

A Take on Positive Parenting: Balancing Power and Love To Change Stubborn Kids

Don’t know how to handle a stubborn child? Take the advice of Carolyn Hax’s reader on childrearing – it’s all about love and leadership.

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