Study On Zika Virus’ Effect On the Brain: New Hope To Destroy The Deadly Virus

By Lani Lane, Parent Herald September 13, 06:52 am

Brain damage in Zika infected infants must be rooted from the journey of Zika virus in late pregnancy through the placenta, affecting the brain by shutting down significant elements in the brain development. This is validated by a study conducted by researchers in the University of Washington Health Sciences/UW Medicine.

Studies like this is a great lead for determining possible treatment just before Zika virus starts its way to the brain during pregnancy, researchers said. The researchers experimented on a pregnant non-human primate and observed the fetal brain of the fetus. There was an indication in the magnetic resonance image (MRI) that there was an accumulation of fluid in the brain because of the Zika virus infection.

Zika virus, according to studies, produces hardened calcium deposits in the brain and can lead to swelling and later breaking down of some tissues. In Brazil, there were 150 babies who were reported to have microcephaly in 2014. Nevertheless, this figure terribly increased to 4000 this year.

Although Brazil is the epicenter of Zika virus circulation in the Americas, all countries infected around the world should be warned, says PAHO. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) listed the countries and territories in the Americas that are in great trouble because of Zika are Colombia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Jamaica, Suriname, Venezuela, El Salvador, Martinuque, and French Guiana.

As the number of babies born with microcephaly and brain damage increase, many parents become hopeless about having a great future for their kids. Scientists, however, remain hopeful of getting the perfect vaccination that will heal these kids and save those who are presently Zika-infected. A successful short-term vaccination trials were given last month to three different formulations, and the result gave hope to getting the perfect formula soon,  The Guardian reports.

What people need to do now is to keep oneself from going to Zika-affected countries or territories but it they are in these areas, it is best to stay in clean places. Most government are proactive with their response and it is very helpful to control the spreading of Zika virus. Mosquitoes are to be destroyed but still it is best to eliminate Zika virus for good to prevent several decades of terror.

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