Hay Diet, A Century-Old Weight Loss Plan That You Should Try Now

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald November 01, 07:30 am

The increasing popularity of Hay diet among those looking to lose weight is something to be understood deeply. This food combining diet is a century-old weight loss plan that was developed by US physician William Howard Hay in the early 1900s.

The concept of the diet's core is described by the separation of food into three categories: protein-based, carbohydrate-based and neutral. The most important thing or said to be the primary rule is to "Never eat a carbohydrate-heavy food with a protein-heavy food."

High-Carb Foods according to MD-Health are Fructose and granulated sugar along with other sweets like jams and preserves, hard candies, sugary cereals, cakes, and cookies. Also in the list are sauces and salad dressings, bread and pasta, pizza, and crackers. Apples and bananas are also considered high-carb foods along with potatoes and of course, sodas.

High-Protein Foods on the other hand according to WebMD are eggs, lean meats, low-fat dairy, and seafood. Some foods to also note to be high-protein are soy, beans, nuts, and some seeds.

Hay diet has noshing on foods in the carbohydrate category in the morning. Lunch consists of a protein dish. Vegetables and fat-heavy foods in the neutral category can be eaten with either of the other two groups.

Hay's theory is described by saying that the human body does not digest proteins and carbohydrates, in the same way, thus eating them at the same time can induce the production of health-damaging acids that trigger the fermentation process in the gut.The separation is meant for body detox.

Such diet is also said to be effective for healing diseases. Mixing foods can actually cause metabolic diseases. The reason why people have diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, and other chronic illnesses is the unfavorable mixing of foods.

Hay diet is something to think about. It does help manage diseases and promote healthy life and longevity.

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