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Civilians Return To Recently Liberated Towns South Of Mosul

Toddler  29 November '16

Child Brought To Syria By Mom Believed To Be Future ISIS Fighter, Mom Arrested

A child brought by a British mom to Syria was supposed to become a future ISIS fighter, before her mom was arrested at Heathrow Airport. It was proven in the court that the mom tried to provide the terrorist group a fighter by bringing her son over Syria.

New Jersey Transit Train Crash Snarls Evening Commute

Teens/Young Adults  29 November '16

Disabled Teenager Denied Access To Train Felt Humiliated And Horrible, Train Management Said Sorry

A teenager with cerebral palsy was told she has no space on a CrossCountry train, only to find out the area was crowded with bags and suitcases. The teen felt awful and humiliated during that time.

Muslim Teen Makes History by Wearing Hijab in Pageant

Teens/Young Adults  29 November '16

19-Year-Old Muslim Teenager Wore Unusual Burkini In American Beauty Pageant, Teenager Made A History

A 19-year-old Somali-American teenage girl made a history when she wore a traditional Muslim swimsuit in an American beauty pageant. The small courageous act of the teenager wowed many people.

2016 Royal Tour To Canada Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge - Victoria, British Columbia

Teens/Young Adults  28 November '16

Understanding Puberty Through a Parent’s Mindset

Puberty stage is confusing. Because of that most of the parents are left with a lot of questions and shock. This article can help dig deep inside a parent’s worldview towards the phase.

West Virginia facility treats babies born addicted to drugs

Infant  28 November '16

Drug-Dependent Newborns Update: More Facilities are Now Available to Revert the Effects of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Out of the good hearts of so many people, one of the most heartbreaking effects of drugs is now easier to treat. Facilities to revert the effects neonatal abstinence syndrome are now improving and is also increasing.

73 years after birth, son kisses mom for first time

Infant  28 November '16

Newborn Separated From Birthmother After Birth Now Finds Her After 73 Years, Touching Reunion Happened

A baby separated from his mom after birth finally reunites and kiss his mom after 73 years of longing. After decades of search and several search travels, Charles was able to find his birthmother and finally give her kiss and hug.

Top 10 Kid Pregnancy Reactions

Pregnancy  28 November '16

Can Pregnancy Politics Affect Expectant Parents? One Dad Shares His Own Experience

A dad’s friend has revealed the gender of his new child to family and friends even before he got the chance to reveal it. The experience was hard for this father as well as to other parents who were stolen with the chance of unveiling good news about the new baby.

7 most adorable ways for getting your baby to sleep | Philips

Infant  28 November '16

A 7-Month-Old Baby Spent Longer Hours In Daycare Than His Parents At Work

A 7-month-old New Zealand baby spent longer hours in childcare facility than his parents at work. They had no option as they’re both working round-the-clock and had no one to watch over their son.

Family remembers Good Samaritan that died in deadly shooting

Family Life  28 November '16

Grieving Family Of Good Samaritan Father Started GoFundMe Page For Their Dad’s Funeral Expenses

A family of a good father sets up funding webpage to help cover funeral expenditures. The head of the family was killed on Nov. 25 after he was gunshot in the neck part while helping a woman.

Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever

Health/Nutrition  28 November '16

Cancer Treatment Update: Built-In Genetic Circuit Cell Technology Can Kill Cancer Cells, Latest Research Finds Out

Scientists discover a new technology they called “built-in genetic circuit” cell to stop or limit the ability of HIF-1 function in human cells. This cell can limit the capability of cancer cells to develop and live in low-oxygen environment.

Device Explodes Along Route Of Military 5K Run

Family Life  25 November '16

‘Having Kids Might Not Be Rewarding”: Dad-Of-Two Has Learned That Parenting Is Not Rewarding

Based on experience, one dad said that parenting is not really rewarding. Through parenting his two kids, he has learned that raising kids and disciplining them is not actually rewarding but tiring.

I was 52, a non-smoker, and told I had lung cancer. Life as I knew it was over Briony Scott

Health/Nutrition  25 November '16

‘I Just Hadn't Expected It To Be Me’: Non-smoking Mom Shares Her Struggles With Lung Cancer

When a person does not smoke, it does not mean that person is not likely to have lung cancer. A mom of three and who does not smoke ever in her life proves this true.

Premature baby left to die alone in sluice room, report reveals

Infant  25 November '16

22-Week-Old Premature Baby Left By Hospital Staff To Die Alone In Hospital Sluice Room, Hospital Management Apoligized To The Family

A 22-week-old premature baby has been left to die alone in a sluice room rather than nursed or revived from one dreadful case. A secret report has exposed this horrifying story.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts

Teens/Young Adults  25 November '16

‘I Will Not Eat That’: National Poll Reveals When Teenagers Special Diet Conflict With Holiday Season

Teens on special diets can prompt holiday conflicts on family gatherings or family celebration, a national poll suggests. A Mott poll found out that specialized diets of teenagers caused some conflicts on family and holiday gatherings.

Miracle surgery saves baby born with brain growing outside his head

Infant  24 November '16

Baby Born With Tessier Cleft And Brain Developing Outside Skull Had Another Chance At Life, Went Through Successful 7-Hour Operation

A baby born with rare combinations of Tessier cleft and encephalocele has survived even though perceived by doctors to have less chance of survival. Baby Dominic underwent a 7-hour operation that has removed his encephalocele and repaired his Tessier cleft.

Insomnia – The Health Risks of Sleep Loss

Health/Nutrition  24 November '16

Insomniac People Shared Five Important Things They Wished People Knew About Chronic Insomnia

Here are five essential things people should know about sleeplessness or the phenomenon known as chronic insomnia. All these things came from people who have been there and experienced the condition.

Perth teen arrested in Bali after allegedly being caught drugs

Teens/Young Adults  24 November '16

Australian Teenager Charged Of Carrying Illegal Drugs Now Free

An 18-year-old Australian teenager accused of carrying illegal drugs in Bali, Indonesia is now free. The teen has been released after a forensic test confirmed that the powder found inside his bag was not actually cocaine or heroin but a mixture of cough medicine, pain reliever and caffeine.

Incredible moment twins conjoined at the head look at each other for the first time

Toddler  24 November '16

Conjoined Twins Now Separated, The Babies Reaction Seeing Each Other Were Priceless

Conjoined Twin Anias and Jadon McDonald are now separated, and everyone sees how cute their reactions were the first time they saw each other. They are expected to recover and progress in all aspects.

England v Bosnia - UEFA European U21 Championship

School Age  24 November '16

'Be Happy': Jo Carter Unlocks Secret To Parenting Big Kids

Parenting big kids is chicken for life coach Jo Carter, who is also a mom to eight kids. What is her secret? Prioritizing self-care over the kids and spending more time to take care of themselves.

What's Your Parenting Style? 3 Basic Parenting Styles: Autocratic, Democratic, Permissive

Family Life  24 November '16

How English Parenting Style Helped One Mom Towards Raising Her Child

An Anglophile mom shares her experience of testing English parenting style towards raising her daughter. After she had found out the modern English ways of parenting, she put it to an experiment for one week. Later on, she realized that she is very much prepared now to raise her child in England where they will move next year.

Awesome Kids Who Saved Their Parents Lives

Toddler  23 November '16

Heroic Toddler Saved Dad From Diabetic Coma By Force-Feeding Him With Yoghurts

Lenny, 3, is a hero not just to mum and dad but for many people now who know the story behind him saving the life of his father from diabetic coma. His act of force-feeding the dad with yoghurts after collapsing has made a huge impact in their family.

Public Rape Social Experiment

Teens/Young Adults  23 November '16

Romanian Teen Cries ‘Mama! Mama!’ Raped, Stabbed, But Survived And Had Google Translate To Explain What Happened

A teen working in a pizza restaurant was dragged to the park and been raped and left bleeding. The accused is still under trial and facing multiple charges.

'Little Boxes' Premiere - 2016 Tribeca Film Festival

Health/Nutrition  23 November '16

‘I’m Doing Great’: Ben Stiller Reveals Condition After His Fight With Prostate Cancer Two Years Ago

Ben Stiller shared his previous combat with prostate cancer in his first interview on television. Now, he disclosed that he is free of prostate cancer and wanted to help others fight cancer through giving awareness.

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