Black Eyed Peas Rapper Taboo Did Not Lose Fertility After Successfully Treated For Testicular Cancer, Welcomed Miracle Bay Number Four

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald November 18, 12:53 am

Having a child even after diagnosed with testicular cancer is not impossible, Black Eyed Peas rapper Taboo proves this right. Taboo, good name Jaime Luis Gomez, was surprised to find out that his wife, Jaymie, 37, was pregnant with their fourth child after his secret fight with stage-2 testicular cancer.

"My wife and I decided to try and have another child and went to a fertility doctor, who said that it might be impossible," the rapper said to the People. "Our daughter is a miracle baby," he added.

On Nov. 14, Taboo opened up his secret fight with testicular cancer, announcing he was first diagnosed with stage 2 cancer in his testicles in 2014. Following his diagnoses, Taboo went into surgery to remove his right testicle and went through aggressive chemotherapy.

The rapper described the chemo as like torture, nightmare, and war, all in one. The worst part of his battle though was he couldn't pick up or hold his children for six months following his surgery.

After his surgery and chemo had gone lucky, doctors told Taboo he was cancer free. However, he was told by the doctors that he is less likely to have children again because of the chemotherapy.

But, Taboo and his wife did not lose hope and made up their minds to have a new baby. So they consulted a fertility doctor and found out that it's not impossible. Because fertility treatments are expensive, the two decided to have it a natural way. Within one month, they discovered that they would have their fourth child, with both of them, looked surprised and excited.

On Feb. 16, they welcomed their first daughter. Taboo said their daughter is a miracle baby and spending time with her and their three sons means everything to him.

Meanwhile, the estimates of American Cancer Society for testicular cancer in America for 2016 are around 8,720 Americans will be diagnosed with testicular cancer and approximately 380 men are going to die because of testicular cancer. Can this disease affect men from fathering a child? According to prior study, the answer is no. Findings of the study have shown that people treated successfully for testicular cancer can still have a baby.

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