Miracle Premature ‘Baby Buns’ Is Home After 355 Days In The Intensive Care: Netizens Celebrate

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald October 14, 06:17 am

Kaleb, more known as "Baby Buns" is now out and living a normal baby life after spending 355 days in the intensive care. Parents Dana and Arkell Graves are very thankful to all who went with them throughout the journey especially those who followed Baby Buns' progress over social media.

The Graves couple can be recalled to share about their infertility for 17 years prior to the pregnancy. Before Baby Buns, they suffered from depression due to four miscarriages and one stillbirth. They adopted one chid, who is now 14.

Dana's happiness is incomparable as she posted on her facebook timeline "At this very moment, all of my men are asleep under the same roof. Some days I really didn't think this would happen."

Kaleb's case is very unusual as he was born 16 weeks premature in October 2015. He was delivered via C-section after Dana was told that the pregnancy caused nearly fatal high blood pressure, making it very dangerous for her to keep the baby. Dana chose to still carry the baby until the time that it is possible for the baby to live.

It was a real selfless decision made by a mother. Arkell, her husband admired her for such selfless gesture for his son.

Dana and Arkell have shared the baby's milestones on a Facebook page and so over 188,000 people have tracked his journey. "I'm just so grateful because the page let me know I was not alone," Dana told People.

Having a 5-month old baby going out from a mother's womb gives an almost impossible journey for a human being. But Kaleb did it. Nonetheless, it is expected for Kaleb's journey to be tough. When a baby is born at 26 weeks or less, he or she may not catch up until 2-and-a-half or 3 years old, according to Web MD.

The whole world is watching over Kaleb's journey, and many are praying. God is still in control.

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