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Orthorexia Nervosa - when healthy eating goes too far

Health/Nutrition  4 November '16

Orthorexia: How Obsession With Healthy Foods Can Be A Serious Problem That Affects Even Kids

Eating healthy foods is great but when it becomes an obsession, it is a serious problem. Orthorexia is a destroyer of social life and family life as well.

Is Canola Oil Healthy?

Health/Nutrition  4 November '16

Trimming Spare Belly Fat: Canola Oil May Burn Belly Fat

Cutting waistline may start with including canola oil in diet. A study shows that canola oil can help burn belly fat in just four weeks.

Oolong Tea Benefits and Side Effects

Health/Nutrition  4 November '16

Slimming Tea Risks: What To Remember When Taking Slimming Teas

How should slimming tea and green tea be taken? These two and other natural teas have health benefits but these can also provoke damage in the cells when teas are taken uncontrollably.

A Camden County couple decided to reveal the gender of their second child with a Halloween gift surprise.

Toddler  4 November '16

2-Year-Old Toddler Disappointed By New Baby’s Gender Burst Into Tears And Screamed Out

A 2-year-old toddler got upset when she discovered the gender of her new sibling. The toddler wanted a baby girl but was given a baby boy instead which caused her to scream and cry out because of disappointment.

Ex-NFL Player Antonio Armstrong & Wife Murdered By Teen Son

Teens/Young Adults  4 November '16

Lack Of Evidence Could Set Free 16-Year-Old Teenager Accused With Murder Of His Parents

Former football player’s 16-year-old son could be freed under his grandmother’s custody as the court waits for more evidence proving the teen’s accusation. The teen was suspected of killing his parents, Antonio and Dawn Armstrong.

Parents Blasted With Unhealthy Baby Food Ads

Toddler  3 November '16

Toddler Foods Not Healthy As Advertised; Be Careful What You Feed Your Kids

Toddler’s foods advertised on different communication outlets can be deceiving says a new research. A research found out that most baby food manufacturers produced toddler products with unhealthy supplements.

People heard gunshots and then screams near Mt. Hood Street and Carey Avenue.

Teens/Young Adults  3 November '16

Teenagers Injured During Las Vegas Halloween Shooting Incident Still Recovering; Police Still Trying To Identify Culprits

A shooting in Horizon Ridge near Carey Avenue Las Vegas left three teenagers gunshot. The teens were brought immediately to a hospital where they are now recovering.

Opioid Overdoses Among Kids And Teens Up 200 Percent

Teens/Young Adults  3 November '16

Rate Of Teens And Kids Victimized By Opioid Abuse Doubled, Says US Research

Opioid- abuse hospitalization rate among teenagers and kids increased twice from 1997 up to 2012, according to a research. Teens and kids age from 1 – 19 recorded a 165 percent increase within the period analyzed.

Principles of Fracture Healing

Toddler  3 November '16

Toddler's Broken Arm Sends Decatur Man To Jail; 'A Forceful Yank' Caused Severe Injury

A 26-year-old Decatur man is in jail with $300,000 bond on four felony charges due to allegedly breaking the upper arm bone of a toddler.

Personalized Nutrition Examined.

Health/Nutrition  3 November '16

Health Apps, Personalized Diets & What Experts Think About Their Effectivity

Research groups and an Academy advise against the use of personalized diet nutrition as these lead to not very compelling results. It is best to contact dietician and have regular checkup to know exactly what one's body needs.

The Dude Diet Book Trailer.

Health/Nutrition  3 November '16

The 'Dude Diet' Will Let You Eat Healthier Version of Your Favorite Foods; Eating 'Dirty Things In A Cleaner Way'

Serena Wolf is a Cordon Bleu-trained health-food chef and came up with the “Dude Diet” when she met hedge-funder Logan Unland in 2011. What she discovered is something phenomenal.

Kelly Clarkson and River Rose join the Diabetes Dance Dare Daily Mail Online

Toddler  2 November '16

Kelly Clarkson Involved Her Toddler In An 'Inappropriate' Dance Challenge To Raise Money Against Diabetes

Kelly Clarkson and toddler daughter River Rose had so much fun doing a video for a cause. She said that the dance was inappropriate for the little girl but they went on.

Damian Green: Speech to Conservative Party Conference

Health/Nutrition  2 November '16

Better To Work Than To Wait For Pension At Home And Die

Work capability assessments to be made as Green encourage people to work instead of rest at home and wait for pensions. It is more healthy to do so that just sit around and die.

Say No To These Foods If You Have A Headache

Health/Nutrition  2 November '16

No Coffee, No Migraine: Eliminating Caffeine Would Save One From Migraines, Experts Say

Coffee is one of the biggest culprits for migraines, according to many experts. Vegetables and fruits on the other hand can promote a healthier life and longevity.

Terrifying knife attack happens whilst toddler lays in pram

Toddler  2 November '16

Toddler Caught Amidst Store Knife Attack, Everything Caught On Tape [Video]

A toddler was found safe after trapped in a knife attack in Linacre Lane, Bottle on Thursday, while one teenager was stabbed. Both are now safe and recovering from the incident.

Beyond Scared Straight: A Teeen is Terrified on Her Prison Tour.

Teens/Young Adults  2 November '16

Grieving Teenagers Find Comfort At The Healing Center For Grieving Teens

Alabama’s Healing Place opens new space for grieving teenagers, age between 13 and 19. Teens were taught how to deal with grief and sorrow associated with the death of loved ones.

Teens/Young Adults  2 November '16

Teen Cyberbullying: Two Kansas High School Girls Drastically Bashed And Threatened On Twitter, Teens Misjudged?

Two Kansas girls got bashed drastically on social media after they posted a picture with caption, “rape victims” on Twitter. One mom of the girls clarified that the girls were dressed up like characters from the movie “The Purge” and not really like rape victims.

Hay Diet Treats Chemical Condition of the Body

Health/Nutrition  1 November '16

Hay Diet, A Century-Old Weight Loss Plan That You Should Try Now

Hay diet separates high carb foods from high protein foods and having neutral foods go with either foods. That way, the production of toxic acids in the body is avoided.

Halloween 2016: Teen who went to Halloween party with friend is among 2 dead

Teens/Young Adults  1 November '16

Two Female Teenagers Killed In Shooting Spree During Halloween Party In Newburgh

Two female teens died tragically in a Halloween party celebration. The two teens were fatally shot in a building in Newburgh.

3-Year-Old NC Girl Dies During Birthday Party At Monkey Joe's.

Toddler  1 November '16

3-Year-Old Died Of Natural Cause After Rushed From Monkey Joe; Police Found No Foul Play Or Negligence

Erin Washington, 3, passed away after being found in pain at Monkey Joe at Matthews. The child’s death was caused by natural causes according to medical examiners of the hospital where the child was brought to.

A Scene during Michele Anderson

Toddler  1 November '16

Murder Of Woman And Toddler At Shelby, 3 Accused Killers Faced County Judge For The First Time

Three people accused of killing a toddler and a woman in Shelby last week got to face the Cleveland County judge for the first time yesterday, Oct. 31. Victims’ funeral are scheduled by Tuesday.

Protective foods for prostate cancer

Health/Nutrition  1 November '16

Saying ‘No’ To Red & Cured Meat, Key To Conquering Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is treatable but some still die of it. The key to conquer this disease is to have good diet.

ANONYMOUS- One Of The Top 5 Most Dangerous Hackers Of All Time.

Teens/Young Adults  1 November '16

18-Year-Old Teenage Hacker Arrested For Arizona 911 Hack, Teen Hacker Wanted Recognition From Hacking Community

Ordinary teenager Meetkumar Hiteshbhai Desai, 18, who just wanted to be known as skillful hacker got arrested after he hacked the emergency system of Arizona which cause the system to almost shut down. The boy explained it was not really his intention to cause trouble but just wanted to be recognized as very skilled hacker.

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