Toddler Without Arms Using Her Foot To Feed Herself While Feeding Others With Inspiration

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald October 19, 06:10 am

A video of a young girl trying to feed herself went viral, making herself an inspiration to many lives. What makes the videos exceptional and the scene awe-inspiring is the fact that toddler is feeding herself using her feet, for she was born without arms. 

The said video shared by her mother on Facebook hits 65 million views and 1.4 million shares as of today, CBS reported. The little girl named Vasilina did not just have her mom as her only fan, for the video invited more others as millions of people cheered on her progress. A testament to this, are array of social media comments coming from viewers online.

"Where there is a will, there is a way," a Facebook user commented.

"Wooow she is my hero. She's so brave and beautiful," another user added.

The 17-second video of Vasilina showed her amazing developing skills on gripping a fork between her toes and then feeding herself successfully, Fox News reported.

Elmira Knutzen, Vasilina's mother, shared the video just to express her happiness in seeing the young daughter learning new things on her own. She did not expect that the video would even hit a thousand views.

On the other side of the story, queries on 'Why Some Babies Are Born Without Limbs?' proliferated online.   

There are still no exact reasons but just theories that explain why some babies are born without arms or legs or even both. One of the prominent global inspiration speakers named Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs.

Vujicic was born from a well-off family, and his mom is even a nurse. Nobody in the family was born with the same condition. There was no clear reason why he was born that way. Nonetheless, he did not let his condition identify him as a person, though he thought of committing suicide during his childhood.  

Things turned around for him especially when he found a deeper relationship with Jesus. Now he is a well-known speaker who inspires millions of people in all continents. On such note, Vasilina may also grow up with the same purpose as she is already starting to inspire people today. 

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