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Family Life  23 November '16

'I'm Forced To Parent My Daughter With My Rapist': Rape Victim Forced To Co-Parent With Her Rapist

Five years later after being sexually assaulted, an 18-year-old mother is now forced by state law to share guardianship of her child with her rapist. She could not do anything but share her daughter to her attacker.

Natural Medication For Kids With ADHD

ADHD  23 November '16

Can Medication For ADHD Help Treat Children With ADHD? One Mom Who Has Been There Can Tell

Medication might be noticed as a natural treatment to the struggles of the kid with ADHD. However, one mom who has been there understands there is nothing simple and straightforward about giving that medication.

Germany Has Europe's Lowest Birth Rate

Pregnancy  22 November '16

Pregnancy After 35 Years Associated With Better Cognitive Function In Later Life, New Study Confirms

Women who gave birth even after 35 years of age are likely to have better mental function later on in life, says a new study. The study finds out that women who birthed the baby at the age of 35 years and above have a much better mental function.

Japan Reacts To U.S. Presidential Election

Family Life  22 November '16

What To Do With December Money To Prosper in January 2017 Onwards

Here are six money lessons that can teach people on how to handle December money to ensure financial success in 2017. A certified financial planner presented the money lessons thus one can guarantee effectivity and success.

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Unveils Roman Bas-Relief Replica Of Treasured Hollyhock House Sculpture

Health/Nutrition  22 November '16

What Is The Common Denominator Between All Weight Loss Diets

Weight loss diets are of different designs but of the same goal, which is to shed weight of course.

General Election - Social Issues

Infant  22 November '16

Baby Food Products Found With Rubber Inside Now Being Pulled Off From Shelves For Precautionary Measure

Precautionary product recall affects the entire product line of H-E-B Baby Food 2 Pack and 4 oz. Cups only. The issuance happened following a customer report, complaining about a rubber seen inside the H-E-B Baby Food 2 Pack and 4 oz. cups.

Doctors stunned after delivering baby boy with a headless parasitic twin attached

Infant  21 November '16

Baby Boy Born With Parasitic Twin Brother Born With No Legs And Genitals Just Clinging In His Chest

The newborn baby boy from India has unexpected “parasitic” twin attached to his torso. The twins share one liver and a large part of blood vessels but have separate lungs and heart.

2016 Royal Tour To Canada Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge - Victoria, British Columbia

Family Life  21 November '16

Can Parenting Styles Affect Behavior Of Children And Child-Parent Relationship? Get Deeper Insights!

Get deep understandings into different kinds of parenting styles. According to experts, there are four basic types of parenting styles: authoritative, authoritarian, uninvolved and indulgent. All of these have different characteristics and have effects on kids and the relationship between parents and child.

Daniela Katzenberger And Lucas Cordalis Family Photocall

Infant  21 November '16

Top 5 Sacrifices Parents Do For Their Newborn Babies

There are several selfless sacrifices that a parent made when he or she started to raise a child. Parent Herald enumerated some of these sacrifices that parents make for their newborns.

Remembering Officer Allen Lee Jacobs

Pregnancy  21 November '16

Pregnant Widow Pays Tribute To Fallen Police Husband In Maternity Photoshoot

Pregnant widow of late Greenville, South Caroline deputy honors and remembers fallen husband in maternity photo shoot. The maternity photoshoot features the fallen deputy’s patrol car, uniform, badge, folded flag presented during his funeral and colleagues.

Utopia Challenged. Sweden's Relationship With Refugees

Toddler  21 November '16

Top 3 Reasons Why Toddlers Resist Bedtime, In Random Order

Parent Herald talks about top three reasons why toddlers resist sleeping or napping time. They also reiterated useful tips from American Sleep Association on how to stay put a child in dreamland.

Kids Attend Camp For Attention Deficit Disorders

SPED Kids  21 November '16

Identifier in Adults With ADHD Determined By Penn State Researchers

Adults with ADHD can be treated if only the right cause is determined. The Penn State researchers have done a study to work this principle out.

Father Sentenced To 40 Years For Murdering Daughter's Molester

Family Life  18 November '16

Alabama Father Protected His Abused Daughter By Shooting The Molester, Now Facing 40 Years Imprisonment

Jay Maynor wanted justice for his daughter but it seemed like the imprisonment of the sex offender was not enough for him. He shot two men and not he is in prison too. His daughter said her father, Jay, just wanted to protect her.

Firefighters vs Autism

Toddler  18 November '16

Two Firefighters Calm The 2-Year-Old Toddler With Autism Through Singing A Children Song 'The Wheels On The Bus,' After An Accident

A 2-year-old toddler with autism was calmed by firefighters after the toddler got involved in a car accident. The toddler was in the back seat of the car when her mom loses control of the vehicle and hit a giant tree.

Anti-Trump Activists Protest Outside Of Trump Tower

Teens/Young Adults  18 November '16

8 Teenagers Unhappy Of Presidential Election Result Shouted Mocking Words To Eric Trump And Wife Lara Yunaska

Tensions about Donald Trump’s win over presidential election are still on high: teens are protesting, marching out of their school, rallying in the streets and now mocking children of Trump on the street. Eight teenagers heckled Trump’s son, Eric Trump, and his wife, Lara Yunaska, at Sixth Avenue New York last Thursday night.

Playboy And A&E's 'Bates Motel' Event During Comic-Con Weekend – Arrivals

Pregnancy  18 November '16

Black Eyed Peas Rapper Taboo Did Not Lose Fertility After Successfully Treated For Testicular Cancer, Welcomed Miracle Bay Number Four

Testicular cancer treatment did not rob Taboo, the 41-year-old rapper of Black Eyed Peace, of his fertility. In fact, his wife got pregnant after his successful treatments for testicular cancer.

Study Finds Blood of Teenage Humans Rejuvenates Elderly Mice

Teens/Young Adults  18 November '16

Youth’s Blood Prolongs Lives Of Old Mice, Same Process Could Possibly Treat Alzheimer’s Disease, Says New Study

Scientists have found possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related mental fading conditions, after they injected teenagers’ blood into the bodies of old mice. Findings have shown that the old mice injected with the blood of teens became rejuvenated and had improved memories.

Nation Goes To The Polls In Contentious Presidential Election Between Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

Infant  18 November '16

Mom Changed Baby’s Dirty Nappy On The Café Table, Owner Criticized, Both Fired Up In Social Media

Was it right to change the dirty nappy of the baby on the cafe table? What if the mum is having a hard time, should she be given consideration? Both parties get their own doses of sympathy as they fired up in defense respectively.

Dad's searching for a little blue cups for his son goes viral

SPED Kids  18 November '16

Dad Searched For A Cup For His Son With Autism, Flooded With Unexpected Help From Social Media

Marc was just asking twitter users if they know where to get a cup the same with his son with autism but netizens came on the rescue. The response was quite overwhelming for the father and son.

How Creativity And Mental Illness Are Linked

Health/Nutrition  17 November '16

Worriers and Overthinkers Are Creative Geniuses, Recent Study Says

Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Steve Jobs and others are among the creative geniuses of history. They were worriers and overthinkers in the past. Study says, there are some good things produced when worrying and overthinking is healthy.

Mom of Girl Stricken With Severe Case of Herpes Says Daughter Finally Recovering

Toddler  17 November '16

Toddler Totally Healed After Suffering From Infection on the Face Due To Herpes When Relative Kissed Her

A toddler eaten alive by infection on a face that she caught from a relative with herpes is not totally healed. The mother and child are now both freed from the sufferings after some months of sores and blood around the house.

Conjoined twins from Nigeria separated at US hospital

Infant  17 November '16

Few Days Before Their First Birthday Nigerian Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated In America

Conjoined twin toddlers from Nigeria separated successfully in America. The twin girls were disjointed successfully through an 18-hour surgical operation held in A Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Refugee Swimmer Yusra Mardini - Photocall

Health/Nutrition  17 November '16

Talking To Oneself Aloud Is A Sign Of Being A Genius, Study Says

Talking to oneself out loud can help a person enhance memory and even get more motivated to achieve goals, according to a study. It is not a sign of craziness but being a genius, researchers suggested.

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