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Health/Nutrition  31 October '16

Cheap Foods That Diabetics and Prediabetics Should Include In Their Diet

Diabetics and prediabetics should be proactive at treating or preventing the disease to get worse. It is great to include five of the best foods in their diets. Here they are.

Athlete's diet: Eating like an Olympian

Health/Nutrition  31 October '16

Athletes’ Diet Saved Students And Athletes From Gaining Weight And Feeling Drained

Athletes’ Diet left good impact on the lives of students and athletes of University of Texas at Dallas Positive changes in health and school performance started to happen after they followed Athletes’ Diet.

Colt Lundy & Paul Henry Gingerich.

Teens/Young Adults  31 October '16

State’s Youngest Prisoner Since He Was 11 Now To Be Released After Six Years, What Future Is Waiting For Him?

Gingerich was a sixth-grader with parents in divorce proceedings back in 2010 when he and 15-year-old Colt Lundy committed the crime. Now he is about to be released but many asks how would he cope up in the outside world?

Runaway 17-year-old Australian Threatens to Raise ISIS Flag on White House, Buckingham Palace.

Teens/Young Adults  31 October '16

ISIS Suspected Attack In Germany, Teen Stabbed To Death; Authorities Still Unsure Of The Motive

The stabbing of a teen boy in Aussenalster lake is linked to ISIS attack as claimed by jihadist group Islamic State. Police officers however do not release speculations yet as the investigation is just starting.

Cat Trips Toddler girl by grabbing her Leg as she walks past

Toddler  31 October '16

Naughty Cat Caught On Tape Grabbing Toddler's Leg; Kid Fell But Unharmed [Video]

A baby girl stumbled and fell on the floor after tripped by a moggy cat. Nothing serious happened to the toddler after the fall though.

CHILD ABDUCTION (Social Experiment) - Child Predator

Toddler  31 October '16

14-Month-Old Toddler Kidnapped By A Witch Doctor Found Unharmed; Kid's Nanny Mastermind Behind The Crime

A 14-month-old baby boy was found safe after being abducted by two men. Siyabonga Mlambo is now with his family again.

Barbaric ISIS brutally kills 250 children in dough kneader and burns others alive in oven

Toddler  29 October '16

Terrorist Attacks: 250 Innocent Massacred By ISIS, Children Kneaded Like Dough

“They (ISIS) caught some 250 kids and kneaded them like dough in the bakery dough machine,” Assaf said in an interview. The kids, age below 4-year-old, were put in a baking dough mixer and then squeezed by the ferocious rebels.

 A car passes through a police cordon.

Teens/Young Adults  28 October '16

Teen ‘Carnapers’ Found 3-Year-Old Boy At The Backseat Of A Car They Stole, ‘What Are You Doing?’ The Toddler Asked

A toddler was in the back seat of his grandmother when two teenage thieves drove the car and stole it. Both 3-year-old boy and the car were found safe shortly after they were taken.

Breast Cancer In Men: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Health/Nutrition  28 October '16

Breast Cancer Among Men, Shocking Discovery For Some; Effective Ways To Prevent The Disease

Breast cancer left men shocked as it was thought to occur to females only, but experts believe it can also occur to men. Parent Herald discusses causes, treatments, and helpful preventions of breast cancer in men.

Bone Cancer Symptoms in Humans.

Health/Nutrition  28 October '16

Bone Cancer Claims The Life of an 11-Year-Old Boy; Things That You Should Know About the Dreaded Disease

Parent Herald describes bone cancer, including symptoms, causes, risks factors and how it is treated.

The Road Back Dramatic Film on Teen Anxiety/Depression (Low-res)

Teens/Young Adults  28 October '16

Teen Anxiety & Depression: The Ultimate Key Parents Should Always Remember In Dealing With It

Modern Teens tend to be misunderstood and so they usually end up being depressed as some are even lead to self-harm or suicide. Parents should learn how to overcome these problems through the ultimate key called "love".

Forced Eating Does No Good To Children

Toddler  28 October '16

Toddler Drowned In His Own Food By His Father; Culprit Faces Imprisonment But Shows No Remorse

Toddler died as he was drowned in his own food when his father forced him to eat. The father is now facing 9 years inmprisonment while not expressing any remorse towards the fate of his son.

Young Drivers: The High Risk Years

Teens/Young Adults  28 October '16

14-Year Old Killed, 3 Others Injured In A Tragic Car Crash in Scotland; Police Still Clueless About The Accident

It was hard for the mum to believe that her daughter Neringa is gone. Police officers are still investigating about the tragic car crash.

Donald Trump Campaigns In North Carolina Ahead Of Election

Teens/Young Adults  27 October '16

Donald Trump Allegedly Hosted Wild Parties With Minors Involving Drugs and Sex

When will allegations of sexual abuse end for Donald Trump? Whether true or not, how come that his popularity continues to soar higher.

Lady Gaga Flaunts Toned Abs During Intense Workout

Health/Nutrition  27 October '16

Lady Gaga’s Trainer and Other Fitness And Wellness Experts Are Preparing A ‘Health Guru Event’; Nutrition, Beauty, And Fashion Classes To Be Given

The event “Health Guru” is all about fitness. From classes to displays, discussions to leisure, everything is all about wellness and fitness.

Ryan Lawrence admits killing Baby Maddox in emotional appearance

Infant  27 October '16

21-Month-Old Baby Cancer Survivor Murdered By Her Dad; The Accused Pleaded Guilty, Sentencing Rescheduled Next Month

A baby girl got beaten, scorched and buried in Syracuse’s creek. The father admitted the massacre.

IBM's Watson Supercomputer Opening To Public In 2014.

Health/Nutrition  27 October '16

Cancer Treatment Update:IBM's Supercomputer To Boost Fight Against Cancer; Man And Machine Team Up To Cure Dreaded Disease

Supercomputing technology of International Business Machines, well-known as IBM, is now available to help doctors and scientists find drug trials and treatments for cancers. The company announced it last Monday.

Donald Trump Campaigns In North Carolina Ahead Of Election

Teens/Young Adults  27 October '16

Donald Trump Winning The Hearts Of American Teenagers; Republican Candidate Favored By 47.1 Percent of High School Students Based On Survey

Trump would probably win if the legal age for voting is adjusted. Teens love him according to survey.

Top Newcomer Selena Forrest.

Teens/Young Adults  27 October '16

17-Year Old Model, Selena Forrest, Living Her Dream; Newcomer Discovered While Getting Busted For Alcohol

Selena Forrest did not dream to be a model at all but from being a noone in highschool, she became one of the most in-demand models in the industry.

Do This Instead of Exercise to Burn the Most Belly Fat

Health/Nutrition  26 October '16

Popular Diets Reviewed: Are They All Based On Scientific Principles? Science Has Spoken!

Scientists checked on what diets on popular diets today are based on sound research. They have found that the best diets for keeping off weights are those that are plant-based and unprocessed foods.

A toddler is helped by her dad during her first visit to the hospital emergency room for difficulty breathing caused by a virus.

Toddler  26 October '16

Toddler Dying From Lung Failure Surprisingly Rose From the Dead; Doctors Still Unable To Explain This Miraculous Return

A toddler already had his organs failing and his parents were just waiting for his cardiac arrest. Suddenly, he struggled on his bed while the doctors were about to switch off his life support.

Toddler Trump Trashes the Oval Office | Vanity Fair

Toddler  26 October '16

‘Toddler Trump’ First Day As US President Trashed His Office And Threw Temper Tantrum

"Toddler Trump" is the cutest thing ever for many social media viewers as he immitated the presidential hopeful. He showed how it would be when the first day of being a US president arrives. Some said it was hilarious while others see it as something stupid.


Health/Nutrition  26 October '16

High-Fat Ketogenic Diet: Researchers Re-examine Its Puzzling Health Impact; Is It Safe or Not?

Some fear Ketogenic diet as it is said to just give weight loss for a short period of time and that it is not safe for long term regime. However a study says that it is safe and is reliable for the health benefits it gives.

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