Teens In Florida Coral Springs High School Arrested For Giving Threat Of School Shooting More Deadly Than Columbine

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald October 13, 08:54 am

A 10-page journal and a loaded 9 mm gun were found from two teenagers on Monday at Coral Springs High School. The school shooting scare could have lead to a "terror day," which was the title of the discovered journal.

The writings in the journal described the writer as "the worst solo gunman of all time." The teen suspect planned to make history through himself by overpowering what happened to the other school shootings like that of Columbine, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook.

Trollinger wrote in the journal "I want to beat their kills," referring to the mentioned school shootings. He also expressed his depressing emotions towards his being single. He implied his being upset about having no girlfriend. He said that he just wanted to be happy, NBC reported.

The 17-year-old Ryan Trollinger, who is a former Coral Springs student, was arrested in the school cafeteria with the said gun. Witnesses recounted that Trollinger was showing the gun to another student. The school went on lockdown until the young man was handcuffed.

The other student, who is still unnamed, was hospitalised under Florida's Baker Act and receiving a psychological evaluation, Scary Mommy reports. Both teens are still under investigation as they are also speculated to be "associates" in the plotting of the crime.

A permit to purchase or a license for a gun is not needed in Florida. There is also no strict regulation or registration for weapons in this state.

An 18-year-old Sebastian Darrah, who is also not a student at Coral Springs, was arrested the following day because of a threat that he posted on Instagram. The threat read as: ""Watch out for round two springs. We comin' guns blazin' you locked our n***** up."

Trollinger remains in custody while Darrah was already released with a GPS ankle monitor. Darrah is not allowed to be in the Internet until the cases are closed. The charges would take him to a year of imprisonment.

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