Cannibal Frat Boy Austin Harrouff Searched About Selling Soul To The Devil Prior To The Florida Couple Murder, Investigators Say

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald December 01, 09:59 am

Investigators released an extensive list of Cannibal frat boy, Austin Harrouff's internet searches weeks before the killings. One of these is the query "I think I'm going crazy am I?" along with other searches like, "marijuana withdrawal," "signs of steroids," and "hearing things in my sleep."

The intriguing searches that the investigators found were leading to a clearer understanding of what happened to the young man's behavior during the crime. Some other searches that were as shocking were "positive hypnosis," "obsessive thoughts about examining life" and "how to sell your soul to the devil." These questions all seemed to revolve around subjects from the creation of the world to the Illuminati, as Daily Mail reported.

Harrouff was initially thought of having been under the influence of flakka and other drugs but toxicology results showed negative for the tests. There were personal writings of the teen cannibal that were found dating back to 2013, revealing that he had been bullied and felt anxious, depressed and angry since then.

The college student cannibal had a shocking crime scene photos of him covered in blood, handcuffed on the ground while laying on a stretcher with his mouth open. Harrouff reportedly had researched psychic powers, schizophrenia and how he could "sell his soul to the devil" prior to the murdering of a Florida couple and ate a portion of the husband's face.

Harrouff's attorney Nellie King released a comment on Wednesday saying Austin is struggling with severe mental illness. However, the attorney did not specify the 19-year-old's condition.

Wade Harrouff, the father of the accused, previously said in an interview with Dr. Phil that he believes his son has schizophrenia. Such disease does run in his family, Wade said.

Mother Mina Harrouff told investigators that her son had been acting strangely in the week prior to the attack. Austin called himself an "animal," she revealed in the interviews.

Austin was also reportedly telling Mina that he was feeling like a superhero. This has led to a presumption that the young man was under the influence of Flakka or "Zombie Drug", which is later proven wrong. Meanwhile, Austin is still under trial and is given the chance to go through fair judicial process.

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