Cancer Survivor Employee Who Never Missed Day Of Work Got New Car From Boss

An industrious cancer survivor and daycare cook burst into tears and got shocked when her boss surprised her with a new car. Veronica Solis was rewarded with a brand new car by her boss for being loyal to her work at Kids' College Learning Center at Texas despite diagnosed with cancer. She was very thankful to her boss and promised to do her best always.

Veronica Solis has been diagnosed with cancer. However, despite her condition, she still manages to come to her work at Kid's College Learning Center at Edinburg, Texas as a cook and cleaner. However, things change . Lately, most of the time she comes to work late as she has lost her car for her treatment. When her boss, Alex Rios, learned this, he made a decision to get her a brand new car.

Solis has been in the daycare center for three years, working as a chef and cleaner. She was already diagnosed with cancer even before she started working at the daycare center. Despite her condition, Rios said Solis did not miss a day of work, ever.

"She's been very loyal to me. When she started working here, she was diagnosed with cancer," Shareably quoted Rios as saying. "She never told anyone and never missed a day of work," he added.

However, recently Solis started showing up late in work as she lost her car for her treatment, which concerned her boss. Then one day, Solis tearfully said to her boss to look for her replacement because she couldn't bear being late always, though she would've wanted to remain however was embarrassed that she is late always.

Rios did accept her suggestion, though, instead has something else back in his mind. Considering that Solis had been a loyal and very dedicated employee of the daycare center, the boss thought of doing something with her transportation problem.

So, in a disguise that they're shooting a commercial for the learning center, Rios prepared a superb surprise for Solis. Rio escorted Solis outside and showed her the surprise gift. Solis was surprised and broke into tears immediately. According to Stay on the Healthy Path, the boss told Solis that he wanted to do something special for her because she had been a very faithful and diligent employee.

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