Bone Cancer Claims The Life of an 11-Year-Old Boy; Things That You Should Know About the Dreaded Disease

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald October 28, 05:00 am

An estimated 3,300 persons of all ages - 1, 450 girls and women and 1, 850 boys and men - in the United States will be diagnosed with bone cancer, says American Cancer Society. Studies on this rare cancer are being completed now in several university hospitals, medical centers and other medical institutions all over the nation.

To prevent bone cancer, it helps to know everything about this disease. Here are the most recent facts one must know about this disease.

Bone cancer is a rare ailment in which bone cells become cancerous and develop uncontrollably, creating a tumor. If it starts in the bone itself, it's known as primary bone cancer, and if it spreads across body parts, it is known as secondary bone cancer.

Pain, fractures and swelling in the bones will be experienced by the patients of this cancer type, while other symptoms may also be experienced such as fatigue and weight loss. If the tumor already spread to the internal body organs, it might cause complicate the disease and its symptoms. That is why persons who have been experiencing those symptoms are advised to see a doctor immediately.

Though no precise cause of many bone cancers remains unidentified, scientists have discovered that bone tumors are linked with some other conditions, according to American Cancer Society. Bone cancer's risk factors include genetic disorders, Paget disease, radiation, bone marrow transplant and injuries.

Great developments have been created in the cure of bone cancer in the past 30 years. Now, a bone tumor can be treated through surgery, cryosurgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Treatment options can vary depending on the stage of the tumor, location, the patient's general health and age, size, and type.

About 2, 300 bone cancer cases are diagnosed in the United States every year, the MedicineNet has learned. The report also added that this cancer is more common in younger adults and children. Consequently, the latest reported victim of bone cancer who succumbed to death was Muhammad Danish Maarif, 11, of Malaysia. The 11-year-old died yesterday after years of battling bone cancer, according to MalayMail Online.

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