21-Month-Old Baby Cancer Survivor Murdered By Her Dad; The Accused Pleaded Guilty, Sentencing Rescheduled Next Month

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald October 27, 04:00 am

A 21-month-old baby girl survived eye cancer but got killed when her own father beat her to death with a wooden bat and burned her remains and dumped it in a stream. But after the guilty plea of the accused, sentencing has been moved further. 

Maddox Lawrence was murdered because of her dad, Ryan Lawrence, 25, got envious of the attention she got after she survived an eye cancer, the authorities reported. The father will face up to 25 years to life imprisonment.

In February, Maddox Lawrence was reported missing. The last time she was seen was she was wearing a weaved hat adorned with beautiful pom-poms, a shirt with little brown puppies drawn onto it and a tiny coat. Her father, Ryan Lawrence, went missing, also.

Ryan left a note for his wife, telling that he might hurt Maddox or himself. Police that time immediately issued an Amber Alert for the missing two.

In a news conference during that period, Morgan Lawrence, mother of the child, pleaded to her husband to bring home their daughter and inform them if they were okay. However, Ryan did not listen.

"Ryan, if you're listening, please just bring Maddox home," the Syracuse quoted Morgan Lawrence saying. "The whole family wants you both home. We just want to know you're in a good place," she added.

After few days, police received a call from an employee of a thrift store in Baldwinsville who has recognized Ryan. The police immediately responded and found Ryan walking on an adjacent street already in a disguised look. The police arrested him and brought him to custody.

Ryan admitted the killing and led police to the body of his daughter. Authorities that time reported that they found the toddler's body in a stream in Syracuse. The toddler was burned, beaten and dumped in a creek.

The father, accused of the death of his daughter, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder last Sept. 15. He will be sentenced from 25 years up to life imprisonment. However, his sentencing hearing which is supposedly this month was rescheduled next month, the Washington Times has learned. Thus, implying that the sentencing will be held next month

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