Toddler Dying From Lung Failure Surprisingly Rose From the Dead; Doctors Still Unable To Explain This Miraculous Return

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald October 26, 05:30 am

A toddler battling lung cancer rose from the dead just before the doctors took off his life support at Nottingham Queens Medical Centre. He made a full recovery after a few weeks in intensive care and already back home with mom and dad.

Three-year-old Dylan Askin's parents said that they already had a heartbreaking farewell to the son as they were told that his organs failed. Dylan was clearly suffering, and his oxygen levels had plummeted. Kerry said that the consultant asked them to make the decision to switch off his life support machine on Good Friday.

The little boy's temperature was fluctuating, and his heart rate was at 200. Kerry told Telegraph that they were just waiting for him to enter cardiac arrest, which sounded so terrible for them.

Kerry, who owns an art business, said that they baptized Dylan and said goodbye at 8 am on a Saturday. They turned his muscle sedatives off in preparation for the switching off of the ventilator.

Suddenly, Dylan started struggling in his bed, and they thought he was brain dead from oxygen starvation. After that, they discovered the organs were not failing, and he got stronger over the weekend.

Everyone was surprised and saw the miraculous rising from the dead of a little boy. A CT scan can prove that cysts on Dylan's lungs had burst and were starving his organs of oxygen.

Kerry said in the interview with Telegraph: "It really is a miracle that he survived with no real lasting damage from that oxygen saturation."

Medical experts would call Dylan's case as another "Lazarus Phenomenon" or "Lazarus Syndrome." Such term is used to many unexpected and scientifically unexplainable phenomena, as said in a study published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. Doctors still do not have any explanation for what happened to Dylan, but his parents just see it clearly as God's miracle in their lives, and there is no need for explanation at all. When the hands of God worked, it is unexplainable.

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