Breast Cancer Among Men, Shocking Discovery For Some; Effective Ways To Prevent The Disease

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald October 28, 05:30 am

Breast cancer left Avist Owen in shock as he thought he was healthy. Breast cancer is most of the time believed to be a disease which only affects females, but males can develop it also. In fact, 2,600 men were estimated to have this type of cancer according to American Cancer Society.

"I was shocked because I felt like I was healthy," NBCDFW quoted Avist Owen as saying. Now, he openly talks about it to other men who also have breast cancer, the NBCDFW has learned.

Owens felt it first as a lump in his right breast, specifically under his nipple. After he had felt the lump, he went to his doctor for a diagnosis. The doctor ordered him to undergo a biopsy and mammogram. After three days, he found out he has breast cancer.

Why does it happen? The cause of male breast cancer is not yet known. However, experts identified some risk factors which could increase the possibilities of having the disease. Risk factors recognized include age, obesity and family history of this disease.

Most breast cancers occur to a male between ages 60 and 70, according to WebMD. The possibility of a male having breast cancer goes up when he reaches the age of 35, the report added.

Breast cancer in men can be recognized when a lump is felt or detected. It is usually located under the areola and nipple, just like the condition of Owens. When a lump is felt sufferer must see a doctor immediately or when problems affecting nipples like discharge, retraction or ulceration appeared. Though those symptoms are not likely to be triggered by cancer in the breast, they must be examined further.

In many cases, surgery is utilized to get rid of the cancer tissue together with a part of the male breast. Chemotherapy or radiotherapy can also be used in few cases for the very same purposes.

In order not to lessen the risk of having breast cancer in men, men and women alike must maintain a healthy weight and avoid drinking too much alcohol. These are the most effective way to prevent emerging breast cancer as of the experts.

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