Parenting 101: Mom Shares How She Talk To Her Kid About Death

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald December 01, 09:39 am

Parents would agree that discussing death to their children is not easy. In fact, some parents won't entertain questions about it. However, one mom shares how she bravely answered the questions of her child about death.

Candida Gazoli's child started throwing questions about death after his pet hamsters died. Speaking about death, as honest and open as it can be, will help children understand what is happening.

Candida Gazoli, a mother and writer from Pennsylvania, shared in her article published in Washington Post how her child asked her about death. Her son asked her how many more days until everyone dies. However, Gazoli replied an excuse to the child, saying she did not have her hearing aid on.

Earlier that time, they found out that one of the dwarf hamsters of her son died, nestling motionless under the beneath paper curls, peanut shells and alfalfa seeds. The child was saddened by the death of his hamster.

Intrigued by the sudden death of his pet, the child went on to ask her mom about death. This time the child was growing frantic, shouting he needs to know how many more minutes until the bodies stop functioning.

Mother Gazoli had already rehearsed that moment in her mind several times but during that time, she has ran out of words. The only thing that came out her mouth was the mock conversations she had in her imagination.

When the child pleaded desperately for an answer, the mom finally yielded and said yes. However, the mom don't know what to say.

"Let me think. So there are 60 minutes in an hour, and 60 times 24 hours, times 365 days, times maybe 100 years ... is ... is ... ," Gazoli wrote according to The Denver Post. "80 hundred-billion minutes?" the boy shouted.

Finally, the mother answered the question of her child. The child finally pulled himself together and inhaled fresh air of respite. At last he had the answered he asked. Lastly, the mom reminded her son that even if human bodies stop functioning, like his pet hamster, they live on inside the heart of their loved ones.

Children should be told about death, according to Net Doctor. However, parents should consider the age and development of their children before they start discussing death to their children.

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