4 Common Frustrating Moments That Leave Parents Wanting To End Parenting

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald December 07, 12:05 am

It's true when people say parenting is full of surprising discoveries, great rewards, and emotional highs. However, it also has frustrating and annoying moments which can often make parents want to stop parenting. Today, Parent Herald will present those frustrating moments that can leave parents wanting to quit the game of parenting.

As many parents understand, looking after another human and her or his several other needs can be physically challenging and tiring. Young infants need almost constant care: they have to be fed; they wake up several times in the night; and may require specific rituals to have them sleep, eat and stop crying. Plus the dirty diapers and bodily fluids they give to their parents. All these leave make parents feel haggard and exhausted.

Studies showed fatigued parents show more irritability and frustration toward their children, which make them sometimes want to quit the job of taking care of their children. So what are those common moments in parenting that make parents want to feel like quitting parenting? Here are those moments:

When a child throws a tantrum. When a kid is in the midst of his/her tantrums, it can be hard for parents to keep themselves from having their meltdown, as well. Experts said children get frustrated when parents do not respond to what they want and what they are saying, that's they why to throw tantrums. Tantrums are greatly common in preschoolers and toddlers but when they turn four it tends to tail off, the raisingchildren.net.au has learned. The best way to beat tantrums: be calm when tantrums hit and know tantrum triggers.

Asking for a diaper in the mid of nowhere. Parents get frustrated when they forget something essential for their babies, especially diapers. When they are in that situation, it makes them want to quit parenting. For example in the case of one mom in Romper when she shared that she and her baby will be in a park that took them 20 minutes to walk to and her kid have to change out diapers which she forgot to bring one. So she had to beg for diapers from other nannies and mom there.

When a child become cranky and sullen in a birthday party. Children love to go to a birthday party. However, parents get frustrated when children suddenly don't like the place or the venue or the party, and they became bad-tempered and sullen. As a result, parents get stuck in a corner, held hostage by their kids.

When kids barge into the toilet. This is among the most common complaints from mom or dad with preschoolers and toddlers. The moment parents finally jump in a shower or use the bathroom, their little one sitting already outside, chatting away or worst, barging in. Parents would agree that this moment is annoying.

Experts said parents should take parenthood seriously however not too much. Always remember, all those will pass and so just relax and enjoy it for now.

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