Baby Died After Day Care Provider Put Her In Car Seat, Day Care Provider Charged With Murder

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald December 08, 10:33 am

A 6-month-old baby girl has been found out unresponsive in the residence of her daycare provider at the 2300 block of South Avenue around 11:04 a.m. last Aug. 8 and passed away roughly 45 minutes later in Children's Hospital, the Parent Herald has learned. The child was in a car seat when she was found unresponsive by a daycare provider named Amy Jo Englebretson. The police allege that the child has become entangled in the straps of the car seat. Police charged Englebretson with manslaughter following the death of the child.

On Aug. 8, a 6-month-old infant, who was placed in a car seat, was found unresponsive by Amy Jo Englebretson, a North St Paul day care provider, in her room. She transferred the infant to her living area and then performed a CPR before she called 911.

When the authorities came to her house, she told them that she put the child in a car seat to let her take a nap. Then she put the car seat on top of the bed inside her bedroom. She said when she got into her room to check the child; the child was still sleeping.

However on the second time she checked the child, she said she saw the infant has already "scooted" down at the car seat, making strap of the car seat to wrap all over the child's neck. She allegedly said to authorities that the child "got strangled up," the Star Tribune has learned. Later on, she reported to the police that she did not do it right, referring to how she has strapped the infant in the car seat and saying it was very loose.

A medical examiner from Ramsey County determined that the child died due to asphyxia because of firmness of the neck. Some strap marks were also seen on the child.

Authorities observed that the car seat where the child died had a warning sign attached that clearly said that the car seat could roll-over at soft surfaces and cause suffocation to a child. Also, it has warned not to put the carrier on sofas, beds or other soft surfaces as the infant can choke in loose curb straps.

Police investigators, later on, found out that the child's day care provider was not yet licensed. The Ramsey County District Court charged Englebretson with one count of second-degree manslaughter, according to what The Bemidji Pioneer has learned.

A study showed that in deaths of 47 young kids below the age of 2, all occurred while at a gadget made for carrying or sitting, two-thirds took place in car seats, while other took place in swings, strollers, slings, and bouncer, according to Parents. The report added that Asphyxiation was the cause of death in 46 cases while 52 percent of deaths were triggered by strangulation from the straps of the device.

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