22-Week-Old Premature Baby Left By Hospital Staff To Die Alone In Hospital Sluice Room, Hospital Management Apoligized To The Family

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald November 25, 10:46 am

A secret health report revealed a premature baby died in a hospital managed by Pennine Acute Hospital NHS Trust. The report said that the child died due to clinical errors, chronic shortages, and poor personnel attitudes. The hospital management said sorry to the family involved in medical failings and promised to improve their health care services.

A report, conducted by Deborah Carter, the new maternity director in Pennine Acute Hospital NHS Trust that manages the Royal Oldham hospitals and North Manchester General Hospital, has detailed horrific incidents, including a 22-week baby, left alone to die at a hospital's sluice room utilized for the dumping of hospital waste.

"Even though born so premature, this baby is still someone's child, BBC News quoted Ryan Jackson, 34, the director of Lily Mae Foundation, as saying. "For your child to be treated in such an inhumane way is devastating," he added.

The baby was born premature, and according to the report, the staff did not try to revive the child. The secret report says that when the premature baby was conceived alive and continued to breathe for roughly another two hours, the members of the hospital staff involved in the care unit didn't look for a serene place to nurse and sit with the baby as it died, but rather put the baby in a Moses basket and left the child in a sluice room to die alone. A sluice room is where hospital items like bedpans and incontinence pads are disposed of as well as where sick bowls of the hospital are disinfected and cleaned to be used again.

The report has linked bad clinical decisions, hospital staff shortages and poor staff attitude to the death of the premature baby. The report said the effect of staff shortage in clinics has meant women have suffered long waits, fragmented car, and inappropriate management.

The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust reported they had apologized to the entire families who got involved in any failings. They also said considerable work had been done ever since the report to enhance the hospital services.

The Journal of the American Medical Association or JAMA has reported that over 225,000 Americans die from medical malpractice every year, with roughly 100,000 of those deaths happen within the hospital premises. This made the medical errors the world's third-leading cause of death in America, according to a study posted in TheBMJ.

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