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Baby As Light As Bread

Infant  27 March '17

Premature Baby Born Weighing As Light As Bread Beats Life's Odds, Now A Healthy 9-Month-Old

Peyton Keir was born 24 weeks premature and doctors told her parents only 60 percent of babies with her case survive the first month.

Two Questions Left Unanswered: What Causes Preterm Birth? How Can Pregnant Women Mitigate The Danger?

Health  5 December '16

Preterm Birth: Two Questions Left Unanswered That Could Help In Saving The Lives Of Mothers And Babies

Here are answers to questions about preterm/premature delivery that would help in saving the lives of 1 million babies around the world and mitigate the risks that women are exposed to.

Premature baby left to die alone in sluice room, report reveals

Infant  25 November '16

22-Week-Old Premature Baby Left By Hospital Staff To Die Alone In Hospital Sluice Room, Hospital Management Apoligized To The Family

A 22-week-old premature baby has been left to die alone in a sluice room rather than nursed or revived from one dreadful case. A secret report has exposed this horrifying story.


Infant  4 October '16

Nebraska Teenager Gives Birth Alone, Throws Premature Baby Out Of Her Window Thus Causing Infant's Death; Will Be Charged As An Adult

A Nebraska teenager reportedly gave birth to her premature baby alone and tossed the baby out of the window, causing the child's death.

Haiti Struggles With Death And Destruction After Catastrophic Earthquake

Health  9 August '16

Baby Health: Device To Treat Breathing Problems In Premature Infants Developed

Scientists have found a way to treat breathing problems in premature infants.


Parenting  26 January '16

Scientists Develop New Method For Determining If A Baby Was Born Prematurely With Just A Drop Of Blood

The child's metabolic profile can help doctors estimate the child's gestational age.

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