Chris Pratt Says He Got 'Upset and Depressed' After Praising His Wife on Social Media

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Chris Pratt opened up about being "upset and depressed" following a social media backlash when he expressed his gratitude for his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger. Fans of Pratt's ex-wife, Anna Faris, took offense to what he wrote and shared on his Instagram because they thought the actor was intentionally dissing his former family.

On his Instagram Story, Pratt said that he went to bed with a heavy heart and then woke up feeling crappy. While he didn't say anything about the backlash, he said he was lifting up his negative emotions to God.

The "Guardians of the Galaxy" star took a lot of heat from supporters of Faris after he posted his praises for Schwarzenegger, the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, who was going to be celebrating her birthday soon. Pratt wrote in the now-hidden post that he is grateful Schwarzenegger gave him a "gorgeous healthy daughter."

The post rubbed Faris' fans the wrong way because Pratt has a nine-year-old son with Faris, born premature and has struggled with many health issues since his birth.

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Chris Pratt's Son, Jack

In her memoir "Unqualified," published in 2017, Faris wrote that she and Pratt experienced the worst fear for any parent when Jack, their son, was born two months premature because of severe bleeding in his brain. They were told early on that Jack would have developmental issues, such as vision problems and poor muscle development in one of his legs.

Faris also shared in her podcast that Jack had to undergo a series of surgeries for his eye and a hernia. He has developed a non-life-threatening heart issue as well, which the mother has been trying to manage.

After nearly a decade of marriage, Pratt and Faris ended their relationship in 2017. While the actor moved on with Schwarzenegger, his ex-wife married cinematographer Michael Barrett in early 2021 after four years of engagement. This is Faris' third marriage, and she is also a stepmother to Barrett's two kids.

Following Pratt's "gorgeous healthy daughter" statement, netizens criticized the actor for his seemingly condescending tone against Faris and Jack. They said it was a low blow for Pratt to shade his own son while praising his daughter.

"Anna Faris and her beautiful son deserve better than these cheap shots," one fan wrote. Another said that Faris was better off dodging a "manbaby-sized bullet" for ending her marriage to the actor.

Pratt, Faris Co-Parenting Jack

In 2019, before Pratt's marriage to his new wife, Faris said she had been co-parenting Jack with Pratt. She hoped they would remain friendly exes and have "group Thanksgiving dinners together" as Jack grew older.

Faris said that she and her ex-husband have respect and no bitterness toward each other because their goal is to ensure that Jack has both parents in his life. Part of their divorce stipulation is that the exes should live within a five-mile radius until Jack completes his elementary school years so they could equally spend time with him.

Sources close to Faris said that she sent Pratt and Schwarzenegger a gift when their daughter was born and that she's happy Jack will have a younger sister.

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