Premature Baby Born Weighing As Light As Bread Beats Life's Odds, Now A Healthy 9-Month-Old

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 27, 04:00 am

A baby born weighing over 800 grams or roughly as light as bread proved the world she's a fighter. Peyton Keir arrived at 24 weeks and had to be secured in a sandwich bag because of her fragile condition.

The baby, however, survived the odds and is now a healthy nine-month-old. Her parents, Becky and Steven Keir, said she's developing normally for a baby her age.

Doctors first advised the Keirs that, realistically, Peyton might not last a month. Statistics on babies born at 24 weeks aren't usually good as only 60 percent survive after the first month of birth, according to Daily Mail.

"Within seconds of the birth, a team of doctors and nurses rushed in and put Peyton onto the 'Resuscitaire,'" Becky said, as per MDaily Mirror. A Resuscitaire is a type of warming therapy for emergency deliveries.

Weighing at 811 grams, doctors and nurses did their best to ensure Peyton didn't die in her first few hours. "But now Peyton is nine months and doing really well and I've been told that development-wise she is within the top fifty percent of babies for her age," she added.

Becky and Steven struggled for seven years for a baby. They turned to IVF and conceived Peyton in February 2016. Becky's due date was October but she encountered bleeding in July.

"My blood pressure became dangerously high and I was rushed to the Jessop Wing and after examination I was found to be two centimeters dilated," Becky said. Since Peyton's lungs haven't matured Becky said doctors gave her steroid injections. Every day for 121 days the Keirs visited Peyton and doted on her healing and progress until doctors gave her a clean bill of health.

"I was heartbroken, angry at myself and guilty for not being able to keep my baby safe for a few more weeks," Becky revealed. The baby, however, showed no signs of serious defects so far, for which the Keirs are thankful.

The Keirs are helping raise funds for the Jessop Wing as a way to give back for helping Peyton beat the odds. "I feel we owe them the world for what they have done for us all, especially Peyton," the mom said, as per Sheffield Hospital Charity.

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